Free Font of the Week: Avene

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Designers: Krisijanis Mezulis; Wild Ones Design

Location: Riga, Lativia


Download: Wild Type

About the face: Avene is a new typeface from the same designer who created Leafy, a previous Free Font of the Week choice. Avene is perfect for titles and headlines, but can also be used for body text (although I will say that legibility can get a little tough at smaller sizes).

I asked designer Krisijanis Mezulis where he got the inspiration for creating Avene. Here’s his response: “When I first get an idea about a new font I go out into the wild and seek for some natural source of unique presence. Avene has a personal feel and is made to resemble cave scribble, the presentation for the font consists of images of caves of canyons, where one can see and feel the wavy form of the rocks, being smoothly covered by sunlight from the cracks.”

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