Free Font Friday: Elsie

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Designer: Alejandro Inler

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina


Download: Font Squirrel

About the face: Happy New Year! This week I searched high and low for a typeface that felt like a celebration. A good riddance to the weird and difficult year that was 2016, and a thank goodness to 2017 and all it will (hopefully) bring. Alejandro Inler’s typeface Elsie was the perfect choice. Free from Font Squirrel under the SIL Open Font License, Elsie is a feminine serif with swashed accents.

Inler describes it beautifully on the Font Squirrel page: “Elsie is inspired by feminine energy. This new typeface was created to celebrate the world of women, glamour and fashion. It combines the strength of Bodoni with the softness of italics. Sensitive, attractive, full of personality, innovative and subtle with both classic and new design features. I aimed to add expressive features to the letters, providing nuances that make this a unique vision of Bodoni type. It provides an option to the type which readers often encounter.” Bring it on 2017.

What do you think about this typeface? Comment below!

Free Font Elsie

Image credits from top to bottom flickr users: Jane Rahman, super awesome, and Gaby Av. Adjustments made, including text overlay and saturation/overlay edits.

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