Free Font of the Week: Final Frontier Old Style

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Designers: Allen R. Walden

Location: Unknown


Download: Smart Fonts

About the face: On September 8, 1966, “Star Trek: The Original Series” made its debut on televisions across the U.S. What started as a 3 season TV series eventually formed in a multibillion dollar industry. The show made huge strides in television history, having a multicultural and multiracial cast. Even the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a fan of the show, explaining to Nichelle Nichols (a black woman who played the communications officer Uhura) that it was the only television show he and Coretta allowed their children to stay up late to watch. In 2007, TV Guide named “Star Trek” the highest-ranked cult TV show, and even today we continue to see reboots and spinoffs of the Original Series.

So today, we celebrate 51 years of boldly going where no man has gone with Final Frontier Old Style, a free font by Allen R. Walden. Walden is a “Type designer. Not to be confused with ‘Walden Font,’ a commercial foundry run by Oliver Weiss.” Final Frontier works best as a title or headline, but can be used for subheadings. It gets harder to read when sized down.

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free font frontier free font frontier free font frontier

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