Free Font of the Week: High Life

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Welcome to Free Font of the Week, where we showcase our favorite free font finds! We are constantly browsing the web to bring you the best content. We try our best to promote independent designers and their free fonts by browsing sites like Behance and Dribble. If you have a recommendation or would like to see your typeface featured, email us.

Designers: Oban Jones and Pixel Surplus

Location: Toronto, Ontario


Download: Pixel Surplus

About the face: In May of 2017 Steven Heller wrote a piece for covering Brazil’s Para Todos (For Everyone) magazine. Ever since reading it, I haven’t been able to get the Art Deco movement off my mind. There’s something about the colors and the shapes that manage to feel both timeless and vintage.

This week’s free font is High Life by Oban Jones. The download includes the serif version, but you can purchase the sans serif version for just $15. High Life is perfect for “bold statement pieces, arresting titles and tasteful vintage designs,” and honestly reminds me a lot of Louise Fili

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