Free Font of the Week: Lazer 84


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Designer: Juan Hodgson

Location: Panama, Panama


Download: Graphic Pear

About the face: I was listening to The Cracked Podcast recently: an episode called “Why Pop Culture Says It’s About To Be The 80s Again.” And they bring up some really great points: Star Wars is back in theaters, Russia and the U.S. are butting heads, and “if this is 1980, that means we’re only three years away from more Ewoks. Although what is a Minion but a yellow Ewok?”

Pop culture aside, plenty of today’s designs are calling back to the days of neon gradients, gridded backgrounds and wacky patterns. Instagram may have led the way with their logo update, but plenty of brands are following suit with flattened logos and color pops. Forbes explains that “brands from all industries are experimenting with nostalgia marketing—tapping into positive cultural memories from previous decades, designed to drive energy to modern campaigns.” Marketing with emotion definitely works, so why not try marketing with nostalgia? (Nintendo NES anyone?)

So here is my nod to the ’80s: Lazer 84. A styled brush font designed by Juan Hodgson. Free for personal and commercial use.

What do you think about this typeface? Comment below!

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