Free Font of the Week: Monly

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Designers: Gatis Vilaks; Wild Ones Design

Location: Riga, Latvia


Download: Wild Type

About the face: This week’s free font is Monly by Gatis Vilaks from Wild Ones Design. The inspiration came from the group’s most popular free font called SUNN, a handwritten typeface with a “strong construction” that still feels a bit “clumsy.” Monly keeps the feeling of a handwritten font, but has a single weight line that gives it a unique charm and a more professional feel. To make things even more interesting, they added a serif version to the family as well!

Monly is easy to read at any size or weight, which makes it perfect for headlines and paragraphs alike. It comes in two weights—bold and light—and has a cyrillic option. The best part? It’s free for both commercial and personal projects.

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free font monly

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