Good Fonts for Logos: Grota Type Family

Searching endlessly for good fonts for logos only to come up short? See if the Grota family of fonts tickles your fancy. Modeled after the oldest type of sans serif font, this grotesque sans serif emulates a handmade style. The unicase type also has a hand lettered feel, but is legible enough to stand out on posters, editorial pages and packaging. It also is strong enough to hold up on logos and in corporate identities.

Grota Black font

The L in Lucky and the R in Roadhouse lift up their following vowels.

One of my favorite things about this particular font is the way uppercase Ls and Rs slide under the vowels that follow. It’s a fun little touch. The men behind this font are Daniel Hernández and Eli Hernández. While Daniel has designed others like Sanchez (serif) and Trend Slab Five (slab), Eli has worked on Courtney (serif).

Grota Italic OT

Grota Italic OT is the italic counterpart to Grota Regular OT

All of these fonts are produced by Latinotype and are available at the Font Shop website. Prices vary, but those interested in the 12 Grota Family OT typefaces—thin, light, regular, bold, extra bold and black, each with an italic counterpart—can purchase them for $19. Individual fonts within the family can be purchased for $26 each.

Grota Family OT

The Grota Family OT collection is available for $19.


Want to see your own fonts in the Font Shop? Start by picking up the Mastering Type Download Collection.

Mastering Type Download Collection

Mastering Type Download Collection from My Design Shop

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