Monotype Takes on Missing Fonts with Baseline Platform

We all know that the work of creating engaging design can be messy and complex. With tools and software changing and skill sets following suit, designers find themselves in a profession that requires a nimble, flexible approach to their craft. That said, when new tools are developed to help streamline the design process, it’s big news.

If you haven’t heard, the font experts at Monotype recently stepped up to manage a longstanding issue in the design community: missing fonts. Yes, that frustrating experience that’s plagued every designer in the midst of a project. And it’s fair to say missing or corrupted fonts can absolutely disrupt workflow.

Monotype Baseline

 Monotype Baseline Improves User Experiences

By teaming up with Enfocus, the best-in-class provider of tools that dictate the quality of PDF files, Monotype leverages their font library of over 30,000 fonts (and growing) to offer the possibility of replacing missing or corrupted fonts in PDF files. This is no joke.

How? Monotype Baseline. It’s a “cloud-based developer platform” centered around helping OEMs, independent software vendors and developers create and improve products with the end user in mind (that’s you). Monotype’s partnership with Enfocus makes maintaining the integrity of documents possible, and it directly impacts the user experience.

The Enfocus Pitstop 12 series of PDF preflight tools combined with Monotype’s technology allows for “sourcing correct fonts from the cloud.” Now you can automatically fix missing or corrupted fonts in real time—AND automatically search for the right ones to update the PDF. It’s pretty great.

“We’re Putting Our Font Library in the Cloud”

The Baseline platform is yet another way in which our friends at Monotype are continuing to provide services that streamline and simplify the design experience—allowing designers to focus on what they do best, design.

Rod Acosta, Product Marketing Manager at Monotype, shares Monotype’s broader message for the design community at large: “We’re putting our font library in the cloud for many different applications.” The folks at Monotype seek out partners and solution providers to help them provide the correct fonts users need in real-time scenarios.

Enfocus created this video to illustrate the Baseline solution for missing fonts in PDF files:

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