Monotype and Google Partner for New Design Tool

Finding the typeface that is readable and aesthetically pleasing for your online creations can be difficult.  Not to mention that cost of some typefaces. Monotype and Google’s new project will ease some of your typography woes. Launched last week, Monotype is offering a free and public version of their Typecast application, which you can access through Google Fonts. This is also a great tool for those of you making the transition from print to web.


To access the application, select any font from the Google Fonts website and follow the links to Typecast. Then, you can experiment with that font or any from the Google Fonts library. This tool allows you to also work with texts side-by-side to look at their readability, weight, line spacing and so on.

monotype fonts

Typefaces available from Google Fonts

According to Paul McKeever, director of Typecast and Monotype, this partnership and tool will make web fonts more readily accessible for designers who need it the most, as well as “foster more type lovers and cultivate more typography experts.” (Yah, we knew other folks shared our love of all things type.)

Since this is a free application, students, recent grads, freelancers, thrifty designer and so on, can have access to tons of fonts without breaking the bank, while learning and playing. Google Fonts is growing to include tons of great web typefaces, such as Merriweather, Lato, PT Sans and PT Serif, Droid Sans, Ubuntu, etc., so the options are growing.

McKeever says it best: “Design makes the world a better place.” Because the folks at Monotype embrace creative freedom, they believe designers need access to good tools and fonts. What will you create with this new tool?


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