Typography + Fonts: The Best Fonts for Web & Graphic Design

Typography design is having a moment. From handdrawn typefaces to creative web fonts, cool lettering and design inspiration design ideas can be found on menus, storefronts and all over the internet. You’ll also find different font styles from famous graphic designers and illustrators.

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Monotype and Google Partner for New Design Tool

Finding the typeface that is readable and aesthetically pleasing for your online creations can be difficult.  Not to mention that cost of some typefaces. Monotype and Google’s new project will ease some of your typography woes. Launched last week, Monotype is offering a free and public version of their Typecast application, which you can...


Good Fonts for Logos: Grota Type Family

Searching endlessly for good fonts for logos only to come up short? See if the Grota family of fonts tickles your fancy. Modeled after the oldest type of sans serif font, this grotesque sans serif emulates a handmade style. The unicase type also has a hand lettered feel, but is legible enough to stand...