Top Web Fonts of 2013: Extensis Reports

As the new year is fast approaching, it’s always a time to look back at the past 12 months. One thing about this retrospective approach that we share with all of you font fanatics out there (we know who you are…) is that we’re curious to know which fonts have been the most popular this year. And we’re not alone as Extensis started compiling a list of the to 10 web font list last year when they found out that there was a high interest in this list.

They’ve indulged our need for stats with their list of the top 10 web fonts used in 2013, which they compile with data from WebINK (a professional web font service). Check out the top 10 fonts used by designers and developers, and see where you stack up with the trending web fonts used for digital projects:

top web fonts of 2013For the second year in a row, Myriad Pro is numero uno.  Two new fonts to this list are Fakt Pro and Museo Sans, which show that typography is trending toward modern san serifs. Thomas Phinney, from Extensis, walks through the web fonts, so you can see them in action:

Overall, there’s a mix between new and more traditional fonts. As Thomas Phinney Senior Product Manager at Fonts & Typography at Extensis says:

The latest font trends are always fascinating. WebINK customers continue to value quality crafting mixed with both leading-edge design and timeless classics from great designers.

Which web fonts would you place in your top 10? How did you stack up against what Extensis found?


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