A Fun Guide for Budding Creatives


When we heard that former PRINT Designer of the Week Andrea Pippins was releasing a new book, we couldn’t wait to see what we hoped would radiate her vibrant style. Pippins does not disappoint. In the colorful creative guide Becoming Me, she encourages readers (or “co-authors,” as she says) to live a creative life through an array of activities, tips, coloring pages and more.

A Creative Guide on a Mission

andrea pippin's creative guide "Becoming Me"What I love most about this book is not the gorgeous illustration (because of course I’ve come to expect that from Pippins), but the variety that the book has to offer. There are plenty of creative life guides out there these days, but this one takes a unique approach: Not only are there coloring pages and doodle challenges and motivational quotes from women like Mindy Kaling and Maya Angelou, but there are also little how-to exercises and designer-y missions that budding creatives will eat up.

For example, Pippins walks readers through creating a color palette and trying it out, sends us on a mission to collect type from old books and magazines, and shows us how to go about learning to cut paper like Henri Matisse, to get inspired by the style of Shepard Fairey and to design like Milton Glaser. [Speaking of Shepard Fairey—he designed the cover of the latest issue of PRINT magazine!] Pippins even provides a spread full of tips for analyzing art to encourage newbies to the creative world to examine and therefore appreciate art in a deeper way.

andrea pippin's creative guide "Becoming Me"

andrea pippin's creative guide "Becoming Me"

Something Pippins said in her interview over on PRINT seems especially fitting to recall with the release of her book:

For budding artists and designers, don’t be afraid to take risks with your ideas. Experiment and explore. Be excited, and immerse yourself in your work. As you learn, teach. Whether it’s becoming a mentor, teaching a workshop, writing for a blog, or even just tweeting information, share what you know.

Becoming Me seems in every way to be a manifestation of this advice, and Pippins wields her own creativity pretty fiercely in pursuit of a mission—encouraging readers to speak their mind, share their work with the hashtag #BecomingMe and see the world in new and fascinating ways.

In flipping through, I couldn’t help but imagine all of the young women who will benefit from this book. Pippins actually dedicates the book in part to all the young women in the world pursuing their creative dreams. That’s not to say, of course, that adults won’t enjoy the book just as much. I don’t know anyone who couldn’t benefit from some creative stress-relief and self-discovery—I know I’ll be spending some time filing these pages. 🙂 But if you’ve been looking for the perfect gift, from designer to young creative, this is it.


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