Illustrators Go ‘Head-to-Head’ for Game of Thrones

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Game of Thrones is back for the summer, so let the heartbreak, stress and bad-assery begin. Inspired by the HBO favorite, 30 designers from around the world illustrated 30 characters from the series, each one using their own style.

This list we found on Behance isn’t comprehensive, so if your favorite character is missing, think of it as an opportunity to illustrate your own—we’d love to see it! In the meantime, vote for your favorite Game of Thrones characters or illustrations by clicking the upvote button to the right. Who will sit on the Iron Throne?

To view the portfolios for each designer copy and paste the link into your browser, or click their name below.

Aleksandr Pushai  |  Raul Aguiar  |  Dock 57  |  Justyna Stasik  |  Alexey Kuvaldin  |  Victor Salomakhin  |  Nicholas Slater  |  Rocky Roark  |  Monter  |   Lina Bo  |  Radik Zagidullin  |   Alexander Mikhaylov  |  Alexey Kot  |  Evgeny Polukhin  |  Elina Novak  |  July Pluto  |  Aleksandar Savić  |  Tanya Karpo  |  Andrey Gargul  |  Dmitry Stolz  |  Gosha Bondarev  |  Denis Dizza Filin  |  Dmitrij Gladkij  |  Violett Stolz  |  Roman Novak  |  Danil Osipov  |  Valery Matyukhin  |  Alan Defibaugh  |  Jake Fleming  |  Max Baluiev


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