Good Design Needs No Translation

When it comes to the International Design Awards, there’s a universal consensus: Good design needs no translation. Unlike some other forms of communication, it knows no boundaries. This is exactly why the International Design Awards is one of my personal favorite design competitions. Entries are judged by project type rather than industry or region—so posters are up against posters and annual reports against annual reports—no matter where in the world you reside.

The beauty of the International Design Awards is that a thoughtfully constructed design project from the outskirts of Singapore can be admired in a boardroom in a bustling city in Japan. And over the years, we’ve seen this competition spread in the international market, displaying winners from Argentina to Zagreb, Croatia, and the United States.

In the 2015 International Design Awards, we’ll showcase 300+ projects that break the mold and transcend borders to be elevated and recognized as the very best from around the globe. Won’t you enter your work in this internationally applauded design competition?

Enter before September 30!

See a broad range of past winning work below, from packaging and editorial work to multi-media campaigns.
Edward Pond Creative Chef Photography Promo by TAXI

Photopgraphy-Edward Pond's Creative Chef

Photopgraphy-Edward Pond’s Creative Chef

Tesco Packaging

Tesco_pkg Gaberdine Poster

Gabardine Poster

Gabardine Poster

My Burger Identity System by FAME MyBurger_Homepage01_myburger_logos         Newsweek “Mad Men” Special Edition

Editorial: "Mad Men" Special Issue: March 26 & April 2, 2012

Editorial: “Mad Men” Special Issue: March 26 & April 2, 2012

2014_international_sept30_web_ads_300x190Don’t miss your chance to enter the International Design Awards, a design competition that recognizes creatives on a global scale! Enter now.

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