18 Great Logos to Appreciate

The entries in the Sixth Annual Logo Design Awards were top notch, and we ended up with an amazing group of winners. Among the great logos were two designs from Orlando-based Brand Architecture, a branding and design agency with a passion for creating memorable, meaningful design.

We talked to Brand Architecture CEO & President Frederic Terral about the big win, and here’s what he had to say: “We enjoyed some good social media and PR buzz, which increased traffic to our site and general social media engagement. Most importantly, we gained a great client out of Chicago. Thanks HOW!” Terral says the agency plans to submit a few logo designs this year as well.

“Folks should enter for the reasons (and results) stated above,” Terral says. “Another reason for others to enter (and win) is for the validation that your work is as great as you and your clients think it is.”

Check out some of Brand Architecture‘s other logo design work below, and if you’re interested in Terral’s take on intuitive mindful branding, check out his five principles here.

18 Great Logos & Identity Applications from Brand Architecture

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Honorable Mention in the Sixth Annual Logo Design Awards. As stated by Brand Architecture: Vida Mexican Kitchen y Cantina came to Brand Architecture for a facelift and personality upgrade. … The first order of business was a name modification. Inspired by the art commonly found on the streets of Mexico and the famed Lucha libre (Mexican Wrestling) scene, the new identity sports a subtle distressing to relay a fun and easy going mindset. “Righteous Mexican” now flanks the identity to further reinforce the anything-goes atmosphere. “Vida Vida!” is something visitors can now hear yelled in celebration.








A top-ten winner in the Sixth Annual Logo Design Awards. As stated by Brand Architecture: In creating a new identity for ourselves here at Brand Architecture, we wanted to create a simple yet strong identifiable mark. We ended up with a geometric grid shape that also reads as a ‘B’ and an ‘A.’ The mark is refined with a unpretentious sophistication to it that also hints to our industry in a subtle way. The overall outcome is a mark that is clean and modern but still has a timeless aesthetic—which is exactly the solution aim for in the projects we undertake.



Will you and your team be among this year’s winners?

Generic_Competition_Logos_Logo_300x220NEW in the Logo Design Awards: This year we’re adding an IDENTITY APPLICATIONS category that will allow you to show off anything created in conjunction with a logo—business cards, letterheads, signage, websites, T-shirts, stamps, packaging, tote bags, other products, interactive elements, animated GIFs and more.