Hand Lettering Inspiration for World Hello Day

Hello! Hola! Bonjour! Hallo! Ciao! Salaam! Merhaba!

Today is World Hello Day, a holiday founded by Brian and Michael McCormack in 1973 after hearing about the Yom Kippur War. The brothers decided that someone needed to encourage world leaders to use communication to settle conflicts, instead of war and other forms of force. They wrote over 1,300 letters in seven different languages worldwide, and ever since World Hello Day has been observed by 180 countries.

It’s easy to participate in World Hello Day. According to the website, it’s as easy as greeting ten people throughout the day. By doing so, you demonstrate the importance of preserving peace via communication.

“People around the world use the occasion of World Hello Day as an opportunity to express their concern for world peace.  Beginning with a simple greeting on World Hello Day, their activities send a message to leaders, encouraging them to use communication rather than force to settle conflicts.”

Here at HOW, we know how important language and communication are. So today, we want to extend a hello to everyone reading this and also provide a little hand lettering inspiration from creatives around the world.

Participate in #WorldHelloDay with us by tagging @HOWbrand in your best “Hello” hand lettering on Instagram or Twitter. Use #HelloHOW and we’ll repost for everyone to see!

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“Each time you say hello to a stranger, your heart acknowledges over and over again that we are all family.” —Suzy Kassem

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“The only two words you should ever say to a mirror are “Hello, Beautiful.” —Richelle E. Goodrich

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“A simple hello could lead to a million things.” —Unknown

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“If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.” —Paulo Coelho

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