Send Us Your Knock-Out Poster Designs – Deadline Extended

Fine, we’ll admit it: We love posters. We have posters of various sizes decorating our offices – some that show off the things we’re into and some that are intriguing designs we’ve come across. But the common connection is that they inspire us. And we love to showcase work that you’ll find inspiring – work that you want to surround yourself with. That’s why we get so pumped for our competitions, like the HOW Poster Design Awards.

poster design competition 2013It’s not only exciting for us to get to see all of the talent out there, but we also love to highlight the design work – created by readers like you – that’s so good, it’ll make you pause.

We’re so enamored with the poster designs that have already been entered in the HOW Poster Design Awards that we’re extending the deadline until December 2. You heard me, you have extra time to submit your work.

An exciting part of this competition is that the winner will be chosen by HOW readers. Here’s how it works: From all of the fantastic entries, our poster judge will choose his top 10 designs.

From there, these top designs will be posted online in a gallery. So, if your poster is one of those top choices, it’ll be posted on, and you can totally send a link to all your friends, family and anyone else you want to impress (Facebook friends, employers, former employers, that guy who said you couldn’t make a living with your art). Then, readers can vote on their favorite to choose the top design.

Oh, and did we mention that the winner will also be featured in the Behind the Design article in HOW magazine? Don’t wait any longer to get your name and designs out there. Enter the HOW Poster Design Awards.