3 Degrees of Inspiration: Fideli Sundqvist, Merijn Hos & Ted Parker

Editor’s Note: This is part 63 in Emily Potts’ inspirational series. Every other week she features three artists whose work offers fresh, fun, and stimulating creative inspiration. Each artist picks the next link—someone who personally inspires him/her. Check out the sixty-second part in the series, featuring Gemma O’Brien, Magda Ksiezak & Petra Eriksson.

Petra Eriksson is inspired by …

Fideli Sundqvist

Fideli inspires me in so many ways! First of all by the patience and precision that goes into her work, but also for the mix of simplicity and complexity. I often find myself amazed when looking at her images because I have a hard time figuring out how she’s been able to create them.

I’m a person who loves drawing plants and flowers myself so it’s incredible to see how she does this but in a completely different manner. I also love the depth created in these images—it’s almost like they are 3D in the photos as well.

Can I cut myself without anybody noticing? is a project by Fideli made for a non-profit organization that focuses on children’s rights. I love the simplicity and the concept for this illustration. The idea of cutting out the type in a flesh-colored paper really transfers the message.

Petra is also inspired by …

Merijn Hos

I love the way Merijn works with colors and patterns. I also think he has a fantastic ability to create depth in images and to set a tone that makes you feel like his images are part of some weird and fantastic parallel universe. I always feel like there’s a story behind the image and that there’s a playfulness in the way they are created without making it comical.

Metamorphosis is just one of those images that makes me wish that I could move into this imaginary world. It doesn’t feel like a completely happy place—it’s much more complex than that, but I still wish that I could walk around in this space and look that the shapes from all different angles to try to take everything in.

I love everything about this project. It really captures this feeling about a strange but fantastic wonderland that I want to be a part of. I especially love this image as it really showcases Merijn’s ability of working with shapes, shadows and colors in a way that makes it possible to create an intriguing layout just by using different versions of spheres.

Merijn Hos is inspired by …

Ted Parker

He inspires me because his work and characters have a certain vibe that are just really attractive to me. I can’t really say what it is, but his work is very pleasant to look at. Also the dark humor in it is something I really enjoy.

I think this cover is just spot on! Ted minimized one of his characters to the max only leaving the characteristic smile of his chatters. I think this is a bold move.

I love this project for two reasons: Zeit magazine for having the guts to do a serious fashion editorial with an illustrator, and secondly Ted placing the models in absurd situations. I’ve never seen anything like this before.

Tune in next time to see where the links lead!