17 Funny Ads to Brighten Your Day

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If there’s one thing that wins me over in an advertisement, it’s effective use of humor. I mean, who doesn’t love a funny ad? I for one have been known to spend the better part of a Friday night looking up my favorite funny ads of all time and showing them to my husband for what’s probably the twentieth time. (It’s always funnier the twentieth time, right?)

Knowing that some funny ads might make your day a little brighter or serve as inspiration for your next project, the HOW team couldn’t help but curate a little collection below, including some old favorites, some we’ve recently discovered and some so weird you can’t help but laugh, plus a couple of vintage ads for good measure.

17 Funny Ads to Brighten Your Day a Little

This recent ad for Samsung, created by Leo Burnett Chicago, will put a smile on your face—and might just bring a tear to your eye. Also, you’ll probably be singing Elton John the rest of the day.

Speaking of birds, check out this ad for Wrigley Orbit by Gitam BBDO.


Havas Boondoggle made us laugh with this ad for Metamucil.

Funny little short by Clemenger BBDO for Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

WWE star The Great Khali stars in this mockumentary-style ad by Publicis South Asia for Ambuja Cement.

A recent campaign for Duke Health by “reformed ad agency” The Variable included this millennial-focused ad, which they ran in pre-roll and in cinema.

Print ad for Kia Service by Art Grup.


Image via Ads of the World

A boxer named Moose wants to know “wat doing?” in this ad created for ClearScore by London-based creative agency 18 Feet & Rising. If you have a silly sense of humor (or just can’t get enough of Moose), check out another ad from this campaign here. And of course for the cat people, there’s this one.

This ad by Zulu Alpha Kilo, part of a campaign they did for People for Good, was recognized in the HOW Promotion & Marketing Design Awards back in 2012 and makes us smile every time we see it.

funny ads

Old-but-still-funny ad from Y&R Malaysia for Softan fabric softener.


image via Ads of the World

Leo Burnett’s mischievous Mayhem commercials for Allstate are personal favorites of mine, and nothing beats the raccoon one.

Sometimes it takes a good print ad to encourage more movie-going. Duval Guillaume designed this ad for Utopia Group of Cinemas.


Seeing as animals make everything funnier, National Geographic has the advantage in this ad by Heads.


Could be because I’m currently experiencing the horror of buying a house in a seller’s market, but this ad by Entrinisic (now part of Engagement Labs) had me giggling.

Another by Clemenger BBDO for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Gotta love this punny vintage ad for Texas Instruments.

funny ads

And last but not least, this vintage from Honeywell that’s probably funnier now than it was then.


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