Free Downloads for Designers from Von Glitschka

In our August 2008 issue of HOW, we interviewed Von Glitschka about how he approaches design, in a process he calls “illustrative design.” This process emphasizes relying on creativity rather than computers to execute design projects.

“An ‘illustrative designer’ is a creative person who uses his brain as his primary tool,” Glitschka says. “This person adheres to a systematic creative process that focuses on idea-building and conceptual drawing to work out their design solutions. Birthing ideas, refining those ideas, and locking in unique and original directions before they ever touch the computer to create their art.”

For HOW readers, he has provided accompanying worksheets and guides to help you as you approach your design projects:

You can download his guide to “The Creative Process Flow Chart” and get a visual idea of the way he works.

He’s also uploaded a creative exercise you can print out that will get you seeing more creatively and clearly.

Finally, you can download the creative brief that he uses with clients, in which he asks questions like “Who are you?” and “What do you want this to say about you?” but also asks questions about color preferences and checking off keywords that describe the client’s brand.
Download “The Creative Process Flow Chart.”

Download his creative exercise worksheet.
Download his “Project Creative Brief.”




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