Celebrating Movember with Packaging & Identity Designs


We’re a little over half way through November (you’ve got about a month to finish your holiday shopping, by the way), and the facial hair is getting out of control. Movember or No Shave November, no matter what you call it, this month is all about raising awareness for men’s health in a “very public and obvious way.”

It all started in Melbourne, Australia. The year was 2003, and a small group of friends decided it was time to bring the mustache back. That first year, about 30 people participated, and by 2015, Movember had more than 5 million supporters around the world.

One of the “rules” for participating in Movember is keeping your mustache groomed, which means beard oils, mustache waxes and (eventually) shaving creams and aftershave. So, in celebration of facial hair and men’s health everywhere, we’ve collected packaging and identity designs that are sure to wiggle your whiskers.

Dapper Identity Designs for Movember

1. Shaver’s Club | Designery | Guatemala City, Guatemala

Movember 4 Movember 3 Movember 2 Movember 1

2. Stache | Qing Li | Toronto, Ontario

Movember 5 Movember 8 Movember 7 Movember 6


3. Barbon | Peltan-Brosz Roland | Budapest, Hungary

Movember 9 Movember 11 Movember 12 Movember 10

4. The Men’s Club | Maxime Dutertre & Olivier Ritz | Nantes, France

Movember 17 Movember 18 Movember 15 Movember 16

5. Mad Wax | Nebojsa Matkovic | Novi Sad, Serbia

Movember 20 Movember 22 Movember 21 Movember 19

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