Creative Ideas: Break Out of your Comfort Zone

If your morning goes anything like mine, it begins with several taps to the snooze button, java and a musically diverse commute before settling in to stare at the computer for the next eight or so hours. While this routine rarely hampers my overall creativity, it doesn’t exactly jump start it either. That’s precisely why it’s wise to step out of your creative comfort zone from time to time.

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Take, for instance, Christoph Niemann‘s 46 sketches of the New York City Marathon. As in, he attempted (and succeeded) in live-illustrating and tweeting the event. My personal favorite is his colorful bar graph indicating weather or not it is worth it to turn around and search for a banana. Let’s put it this way: Turning around for world peace was less worth it than finding a skateboard or a banana.

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Although this is an extreme way to push your creative boundaries, it can have astounding effects. Just read the comments of Niemann’s Abstract Sunday posts to see how the works resonate with readers. Have you ever done anything crazy to elicit creative genius? We would love to hear your story. Let us know in the comments section.


If you liked these illustrations and want to come up with a creative project as cool as this one, check out The Creative Process Illustrated from My Design Shop. It has everything you need to kick start some serious idea-generation.

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