Give Me a Sign: Signage Designs from Around the World

“Like the skyscraper, the automobile, and the motion-picture palace, neon signs once symbolized popular hopes for a new era of technological achievement and commercial abundance,” wrote Virginia Postrel in her article “Signs of Our Times.” As much as I love the idea and aesthetics of old-fashioned neon signs and the electric feel they bring to cities, I have to wonder: If neon signs were so revolutionary from the ‘20s to the ‘50s, what on earth would people from those decades think of the signs we have today? From elegantly hand-drawn letters to digital and interactive billboards, today’s designers have gone above and beyond the art of wiring and glass bending into a whole new world of signage. So much so that we here at HOW had an entire category dedicated to the artistry of signage in our International Design Awards.

De:block // Warren Tey // Singapore //

Signage_Design_Warrentey_2 Signage_Design_Warrentey_3 Signage_Design_Warrentey_1

FRESHOP // Kapsoola // Tel Aviv, Israel //



Lamantin Jazz Festival // Hidden Characters // Budapest, Hungary //

Signage_Design_HiddenCharacters_1 Signage_Design_HiddenCharacters_2


Miss Lily’s // FAREWELL // Brooklyn, USA //

Signage_Design_Farewell_3 Signage_Design_Farewell_2 Signage_Design_Farewell_1


Miss Moonshines // Faber & Lo // Wellington, New Zealand & Sydney, Austalia //

Signage_Design_FaberLo_1 Signage_Design_FaberLo_2

Museu de Cultures del Món de Barcelona // PFP, disseny gràfic // Barcelona, Spain //

Signage_Design_PFP_1 Signage_Design_PFP_2

National Network (MA project) // Wallace Henning // United Kingdom //

Signage_Design_NationalNetwork_1 Signage_Design_NationalNetwork_2 Signage_Design_NationalNetwork_3

Nike // Vocal Design and Blackmouth Design // Bainbridge Island, USA //

Signage_Design_Nike_1 Signage_Design_Nike_2


Poziom 511 Design Hotel & Spa // Studio Fuerte // Wroclaw, Poland //

Signage_Design_StudioFuerte_1 Signage_Design_StudioFuerte_2

Rio Mall Wayfinding // The Bakery // Moscow, Russia //

Signage_Design_TheBakerySignage_Design_TheBakery_3 Signage_Design_TheBakery_2

Teavana // Vocal Design // Bainbridge Island, USA //


The Christiana Motel // Riley Cran // Pennsylvania, USA //




Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas // Brandlab // Lima, Peru //

Signage_Design_Brandlab_1 Signage_Design_Brandlab_3 Signage_Design_Brandlab_2

University of Wyoming Marian H. Rochelle Gateway Center // Advent // Nashville, USA //

Signage_Design_ReneeMalloy_1 Signage_Design_RenneMalloy_3Signage_Design_ReneeMalloy_2

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