Logomorphs: Watch 13 Logo Designs Transform from Past to Present

Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen dozens of logo redesigns from globally recognized companies including Instagram, MasterCard, Pandora and more. Many of these redesigns were met with significant social media backlash from designers, fans and brand loyalists, who saw what, in some cases, represented years of tradition (40 years, in NASCAR’s case) replaced with freshly crafted marks.

The vast majority of these redesigns have involved a shift toward minimalism. Many have called the more minimal logos “lazy”—particularly the new L.A. Chargers logo, which turned out to just one of the marks in the team’s identity system before it was dropped completely. On a broader scale, this trend reflects the need for scalability across the increasingly extensive gamut of platforms to which any business’s logo must adapt.

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To demonstrate the transformations, the folks over at companyreviews.com created this awesome series of animations in which the original marks transform into the logo redesigns. Each one was created using the image morphing software Abrasoft Fantamorph. Check them out below:

13 Logo Redesigns from 2016 and 2017

1. DC Comics


2. Marvel Studioslogo-redesign-marvel

3. Taco Bell


4. Subway


5. Uber


6. The Sacramento Kings


7. Pandora


8. The Toronto Maple Leafs


9. Instagram


10. The Utah Jazz


11. MasterCard


12. NASCARnascar-logo-redesign

13: The Would-Be L.A. Chargers Mark

Which has since been dropped.


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