Long Live Print: Exceptional In-House Publication Design

Whoever said “print is dead” clearly hasn’t worked in-house. In-house designers are often tasked with creating publication design work, including brochures, catalogs, books, magazines and annual reports for all manner of organizations.

In the annual In-House Design Awards, we see great design in general, but prominent among the entrants was some truly exceptional publication design work. Check out some of the winning print publication design projects from the competition below, or check out the full gallery.

12 Exceptional Print Publications by In-House Designers

New Orleans Review 39.1

8-NOR_39.1_Bernardo5 9-NOR_39.1_Bernardo5

Company/Organization: Decorative Debris, Rochester, NY; www.nancyabernardo.net | Creative Team: Nancy Bernardo | Project Objective: To produce a print version of New Orleans Review literary magazine that features 9 poetry and prose writers. Every year, New Orleans Review publishes 2 issues (Summer/Fall and Winter/Spring).

This design was also honored in Print Magazine’s 2014 Regional Design Annual.

Art + Design



Company/Organization: Wright, Chicago; www.wright20.com | Creative Team: Jennifer Mahanay, Annaka Olsen, Lucas Albrecht, Todd Simeone | Project Description: This book showcases a curated selection of modern and contemporary artworks and design that were to be sold at Wright’s auction.

Vancouver Art Gallery proposal

6-ARCH_Vancouver-Art-1 7-ARCH_Vancouver-Art

Company/Organization: Ennead Architects LLP, New York City; www.ennead.com | Creative Team: Aleks Dawson, Casey Estanislao, Todd Schliemann, Susan Strauss, Jeff Goldberg (Esto), Aislinn Weidele | Project Description: As part of the selection process to design a new home for the Vancouver Art Gallery, Ennead submitted a proposal for an entirely new brand.

Secret Garden for The Shopping Channel

3-TSC-Diamonelle-photos 4-TSC-Diamonelle-photos2

Company/Organization: Rogers Media, Toronto; www.theshoppingchannel.com | Creative Team: Dean Bender, Sady Magendran, Yvonne Lines, Keith Jones, Amy Dumbleton, John McCurdy, Adrian Armstrong | Project Objective: To drive sales, elevate brand perception and expand reach outside of The Shopping Channel’s typical customer base.

The Programmatic Mind Magazine


7-Q4_3Company/Organization: Chango Studio, New York City; www.chango.com | Creative Team: Katherine Webb, Bryan Bartlett, Dan Ioanitescu, Ben Plomion, Erica Feld | Project Objective: To give life to its best content and create a more impactful and aesthetically stimulating experience, Chango created a quarterly magazine, The Programmatic Mind.

Perspectives 2014

4-Perspectives-Beauty-074-1 5-Perspectives-Beauty-104-2

Company/Organization: Landor Associates, San Francisco; www.landor.com | Creative Team: Marissa Winkler, Paul Chock, Cassia The, Michael Friel, Junko Maegawa, Stjepan Ilich | Design Approach: The cover of this year’s publication focuses on the idea that a shift of perspective can transform even the most ordinary of objects.

Spring New Products Newspaper

1-Dunlop_Paper1 2-Dunlop_Paper5

Company/Organization: Dunlop Manufacturing Inc., Benicia, CA; www.jimdunlop.com | Creative Team: Jimmy Dunlop, Joey Tosi, Graham Shaw, Justin Butler, Mick Waller, Hank Alva | Project Description: This printed piece announces Dunlop’s latest releases in guitar accessories. The newspaper is designed to be “gear porn.”

20th Century Carpets


Company/Organization: Wright, Chicago; www.wright20.com | Creative Team: Jennifer Mahanay, Annaka Olsen, Lucas Albrecht, Todd Simeone | Project Description: This book showcases over 150 fine 20th-century carpets (a collection curated by Nader Bolour of Doris Leslie Blau) that were sold at Wright’s auction.

Surround Yourself Magazine & Catalog


Company/Organization: CafePress Inc., Raleigh, NC; www.surroundyourself.com | Creative Team: Immanuel Kester, Kristen Morrison, Edwin Whitted | Project Description: Surround Yourself was designed as a catalog and magazine to inspire people with art, stories, ideas and advice.

Pratt Shows 2014 & Youth Program Brochure


Company/Organization: Pratt Institute, New York City; www.pratt.edu | Creative Team: Joshua Graver, Peter Tannenbaum, David Dupont, Kara Schlindwein | Project Objective: To promote Pratt’s end-of-year event and exhibitions as well as its original public programming, all in a single piece.


Youth Program Brochure | Creative Team: Joshua Graver, Kara Schlindwein, Peter Tannenbaum, David Dupont | Project Objective: To promote Pratt’s K–12 art programs and to raise money to support it.

2013–2014 Theatre Center Season Brochure

3-140224_CSPrintedMaterial_JBoll-IMG_7320_web 4-140224_CSPrintedMaterial_JBoll-IMG_7323_web

Company/Organization: Columbia College Chicago; www.colum.edu | Creative Team: Ben Bilow, Jacob Boll, Mary Forde | Project Objective: To feature photography that evokes the paintings of “old masters” while also conveying the department’s signature contemporary portrayals of classical dramas through dramatic depictions.

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