Luxury Logo Design and Branding for Todd & Duncan

There’s nothing quite as soft and luxurious as the feel of cashmere. Except maybe the new logo design, identity system and website for Todd & Duncan.

You’ve probably never heard the name, but this company is one of the oldest producers of cashmere yarn in the world. And after being purchased by a Chinese firm in 2009, this nearly 150-year-old Scottish brand found itself in start-up mode.

The bold new plans? Add private label manufacturing. And launch an upscale consumer collection—think sweaters, throws, accessories and knit wear—that’s set to kick off with a flagship store in Soho this summer. All these changes called for a makeover, and the company tapped New York City-based studio Hagopian Ink to take it into the future.

Starting with a New Logo Design

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Cashmere comes from goats, so the old Todd & Duncan logo prominently featured a soft line drawing of the animal. But the new look and feel of the brand needed to appeal to both upscale consumers and b-to-b customers. To accomplish this, Hagopian Ink focused in on four strategic qualities for the updated brand: contemporary, classic, accessible luxury and tactile.

The new branding needed to acknowledge Todd & Duncan’s Scottish heritage while moving into the future with modern elegance and sophistication. Accessible luxury and tactile speak to the product itself: There’s nothing quite like splurging on a cashmere sweater or throw and feeling those soft fibers on your skin.

For the new logo, a subtle pair of goat horns float above a thistle branch arched in the shape of a regal crown. “We wanted the logo to feel like an emblem,” says Christina Hagopian, creative director. “So you could put it on the breast of your sweater or button where it would be like the quintessential Ralph Lauren icon.”

The logo also hits two must-have qualities for any luxury brand: simple and timeless. Hagopian describes the logo as classic with enough boldness to last for generations. It’s a mark designed to live for 15 or 20 years with minor modifications. Plus, a muted color palette of greys and soft whites allows the emphasis to stay on the products, which will launch in seasonal collections.

     Todd and Duncan logo design after

Creating a Luxury Brand Experience

Todd & Duncan’s new branding is still in the early rollout stages, but the new look and feel already shines on business cards and a new website. The front of the cards are soft white with dark gray type while the back features a lighter gray shade with the logo in a darker gray. To give this tone-on-tone look an even more luxe feel, there’s a clear foil stamp on the logo to create a subtle contrast.

This understated look translates well online, too. The brand’s new site features the logo and simple blocks of text over full-screen product shots. It’s such a close-up view of the cashmere that you want to reach out and touch your screen.

TD homepage

What’s next? Look for the new logo to roll out on everything from store signage and shopping bags to an e-commerce site. And don’t be surprised if you’re tempted to pick up a new sweater while you’re admiring the logo.



Design Firm: Hagopian Ink
Creative Director/Studio Owner: Christina Hagopian
Logo Designer: Adam Larson
Website Designer and Logo Production:
Victoria Adams
Photographer: Adam Chinitz
Printer: Symmetry
Website Development: Matt Gillmore
Client: Todd & Duncan

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