My Best Work: Amazing Design from Great Designers

HOW editors ask superstars of the design profession to share their best, favorite or most memorable design projects. Some of these top designers choose work from their early design careers, their most challenging project or the piece that was most satisfying to create. It’s always exciting to see what these famous designers deem as their best work. It’s even more exciting to hear the stories unravel as to how these sometimes surprising projects became a personal best.


My Best Work: Chip Kidd

In the September 2011 issue of HOW, we asked renowned designer Chip Kidd to write about what he considers his best work. Read about this project that he describes as "quite a geek’s dream come true."

My Best Work: Roger Black

Designer Roger Black shares his memorable experience with MIT (one of the smartest clients), and tells why he chose to talk about his work on their website in "My Best Work."

My Best Work: Andrew Blauvelt

My Best Work takes a look at pet projects by a particular designer. Check out what Andrew Blauvelt, design director and curator at the Walker Art Center, said was his.