Celebrate International Design: Spain Edition


Did you know that half of the world’s approximately 6,500 languages will disappear by the end of the century? At the current rate, one language is disappearing every two weeks.

In February of 2010, the United Nations launched a new initiative to promote multilingualism. They declared October 12 Spanish Language Day. The decision was made in order to “increase awareness and respect for the history, culture and achievements of each of the six working languages among the UN community” during the same year that UNESCO was celebrating the International Year of Rapprochement of Cultures.

The Director-General, Irina Bokova, made an important statement in regards to the celebration: “Languages are the best vehicles of mutual understanding and tolerance. Respect for all languages is a key factor for ensuring peaceful coexistence, without exclusion, of societies and all of their members.”

Spanish is the official language of 21 countries. And to get a little inspiration from the place where it all began (well, sort of), we’re featuring 11 Hispanic design firms creating work you’re sure to love.

¡Feliz día de la lengua española! 

Toormix; Barcelona, Spain

“We believe that design transcends beyond the mere aesthetic value. We understand it as a transversal tool that helps – from the beginning – boosting businesses, brands and projects to a new level. We believe in the power of design…”

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Spanish Language Day

Toormix created the brand strategy, business design, digital experience, identity & communication, and environmental designs for Bicnic, “local slowfood on wheels.” This self-initiated project was completed in partnership with Betlem, a renowned restaurant run by chef Victor Ferrer.

Tata&Friends; Madrid, Spain

“Tata&Friends is a Design Muscle for positive brands. A collaborative design studio driven by curiosity, observation, thinking, testing, failing… improving.”

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Spanish Language Day

“Latino is a bar and restaurant in Freistadt, Austria. We developed a new identity and their own newspaper Mambo Libre, it’s on fire!”

Ink Bad Company; Valencia, Spain

“Ink Bad Company is the design studio and alter ego of JC Guerrero, illustrator based in Valencia. Devoted to the study of the mass culture through the dotted halftone; his work maintains a completely unnecessary link with the paper and some immature details to refine. To date, however, the guy have managed to work with many respectable clients across the world, in fields such as the advertising, packaging, editorial or lettering.”

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Spanish Language DaySpanish Language DaySpanish Language Day

“Ray-Ban needed a new poster for their optical glasses line to be put in stores worldwide. The concept invokes that feeling when you put on the best pair of glasses you’ve worn. Everything is illuminated and you can see the world as amazing as it’s meant to be seen.”

Veintidós Grados; Madrid, Spain

“Our goal is to always be proud of what we do. Veintidós Grados was created with the illusion of making things in a different way. Our purpose is to focus all of our efforts in learning, creating and developing innovative projects based on non-conventional designs far from those made by the majority of the industry in Spain.”

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“Love for Iceland is a project made by and for lovers of this country, for those who have visited and for those who do not. This site pretends to be a tribute, a place to show some of the places of this magical island and a guide to learn more about it.”

Fyero; Santander, Spain

“We are a creative studio specialized in motion graphics and branding. We also develop illustration, infographic and packaging projects, as well as different kinds of audiovisual works (corporate video, promotions, advertising…) We have 8 years of relevant experience in various agencies and studios. We hope to collaborate with you!”

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Spanish Language Day

“Design and Motion for Grafic-Ho 2017 Festival.”

Serial Cut; Madrid, Spain

“We are not designers, nor typographers, neither artists. We are just “image-makers”. We have been creating images since 1999. Both direct clients and ad agencies all over the world count on our team of talented professionals in order to enhance their brands with ad campaigns which are art directed and often produced by our team.”

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“Through the years, the Air Max has always been at the center of creativity and culture. The new Nike Air Vapormax was released in the Air Max Day (March 26th 2017) and we created this 6sec motion piece and key visuals, along other worldwide artists, showcasing the newest innovation in air technology. KISS MY AIRS!”

Estudio Maba; Murcia, Spain

“At Estudio Maba we work to find communicative solutions for companies’ day to day requirements. As designers, we cover everything from a brand or product’s concept, identity and naming right through to its graphics and packaging, adopting a strategic, differentiation-oriented approach to create an effective, compelling, high profile image in the eyes of the customer.”

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Spanish Language Day

“The inspiration is a mixture of oriental theater puppets and “old school” tattoos of sailors. Full of symbolism. The treatment finishes with strokes in a third dimension that gives it color and also touch. The thermo ink indicates the optimum point for its consumption in a small illustration in form of a coiled worm. The result is a label that retains its personality but extolled and justified. We already know what the half-smile of La Marimorena was about.”

Redbility; Madrid, Spain

More than 150 clients have already trusted Redbility. With over 1,000 completed projects under their belt, they’ve remained true to their beliefs since day one. “We like to say that we are different, our DNA makes us different, we are nonconformists and we live with passion each project. We always bring the best of ourselves and combine agile strategy, user experience and design without losing sight of business objectives. If you were looking for something different you’ve found it, R-evolution begins.”

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Spanish Language Day

“Never kill another plant again! You won’t forget to water it thanks to the notifications adapted to the plant you own. It will use your geolocation to know the temperature in your area and give you the best advice for its survival. Your friend’s health comes first!” [edited for translation]

Collectivo Verbena; Granada, Spain

“Collective Verbena is graphic design, photography, video, editorial, packaging, web, ideas. Working hard to make brands grow happy.”

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Spanish Language Day

“Pozoblanco is a municipality in the province of Cordoba with a long-lived library and much loved by its inhabitants. Both the space, as well as the developed identity, seeks to gather the past to build a future.

“The logo had to be a flexible structure, open to change. This idea materialized in a space, the square, in which the protagonists, in this case acronyms, interact, creating, each time, a different result.”

Rifle; Madrid, Spain

“No restrictions, no geographic confines, from local projects to worldwide clients, [Rifle is] open to all possibilities and adopting a model suitable to a new kind of studio: choosing the best team according to the requirements of each challenge, with partners engaged on a project-by-project basis.”

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Spanish Language Day

“Formed in 2011 and redesigned with the launch of Issue 9 in 2014, Makeshift is a field guide to hidden creativity. From homemade aircrafts in Nigeria to drug smugglers in Mexico, Chinese hackers pushed up against the Great Firewall to Haitian communities pushing back against marginalization, the quarterly magazine uncovers creative solutions from the economic fringe. Makeshift is part of a new breed of magazines passionate about their content, form, and community.”

Pleid; Madrid, Spain

“We are a talented team, ready to achieve excellence on each project. Using design as a communication tool, we create stunning images supported by thinking.”

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“Past meets present is the main concept of the new Converse collection. Converse has spent a good part of this year updating some of their classics. Our past is constantly catching up to us, but we rarely get to see the relationship between past and present. The sneaker company gave us access to some of the original footwear to create a series of dynamic, thrilling and unexpected motion pieces wherein we watch the old versions turn into the updated models.”


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