Packaging Design Inspiration from Around the World

HOW’s International Design Awards
never fails to recognize brilliant design work on a global scape, but last year’s competition drew in some particularly extraordinary packaging designs from across the world. While we’re awaiting this year’s winners, check out these stunning packages from the past!

Packaging Design Inspiration: 14 Projects from Around the World

Gioiello di Sapore—Precious taste of Italy

Design Firm Reverse Innovation, Milan; | Creative Team Alice Tacconi, Mirco Onesti, art directors; Fiona Martin, designer/illustrator | Client Reverse Innovation | Details The packaging for this fine preserve celebrates the riches of Italian culture, colors and architecture.



Dorgel Gelato

Design Firm Bridgemark, Mississauga, Ontario; | Creative Team Cory Roberts, art director; Scott Tipping, designer; Michael Giller, vice president account director | Client Rich Products of Canada Limited | Details Contemporary Italian life meets old-world quality in this beautiful reinvention of Dorgel Gelato.

26-DOR14-713_Gelato_BeautyCMYK 27-DOR14-713_Gelato_DetailCMYK

Hills Hardware Packaging

Design Firm BANJO, Sydney; | Creative Team Marque Kabbaz, art director; Dean Hastie, Halan Susak, designers; Ben Lyttle, partner; Don Reynolds, finished artist | Client Hills | Details: In a signifIcant departure from the category norms, the packaging took on a simple, friendly look, using a nomenclature and numbering system that spoke directly to how consumers buy.



Citrus Gold Beer

Design Firm Craig Valentino Design, New Windsor, NY; | Creative Team Craig Valentino, art director/designer; Sean Switzer (Sean Michael Studio), photographer | Details The idea was to create a label that was as bright, as bold and as crisp as the the beer itself, allowing it to accurately represent the brew.

28-1_print 29-25_print


Wine Pouch (R)evolution

Design Firm Reverse Innovation, Milan; | Creative Team Mirco Onesti, art director; Gustavo Messias, Luca Mazzoleni, designers; Fiona Martin, designer/illustrator; Thomas Libis, photographer; Antonella Iozzolino, photo retouching | Client Gigante | Details Challenging the negative image of “bag-in-a-box” wine, the pouch reinterprets the classic Bordeaux bottle through a play on matte/gloss materials and clever die-cutting.

40-REV_Wine_Pouch_DETAIL_05 41-REV_Wine_Pouch_FRONT_01_

Renaissance of Taste Package Design

Design Firm cizoo&co, Taipei, Taiwan; | Creative Team Chih-Ling Wang, art director; Yu-Tzu Huang, designer; Jia-Wei Liao, photographer | Client Renaissance of Taste | Details The philosophy of tasting tea gently, quietly, slowly and heartily has been transformed into visual symbols of tea bowls.


Uproot Wine Packaging

Design Firm Turner Duckworth Design: London & San Francisco; | Creative Team David Turner, Bruce Duckworth, Sarah Moff at, creative directors; Robert Williams, Rebecca Au Williams, art directors; Mike Gertz, Georgiana Ng, designers | Client Uproot Wine | Details Uproot sought to reimagine winemaking by creating a fresh, modern and energized experience for a new generation of wine drinkers.

63-Uproot_Bottle_lineup_3400pxw (1)


Design Firm The BrandHouse, Athens, Greece; | Creative Team Andrew Boukas, art director; Nikos Vlahoyiannis, copywriter; Katerina Tsenebis, brand strategist | Printer Kontorousis Bros | Client Of Dreams And Knowledge | Details The product, produced solely through traditional methods, became our inspiration for the creation of the bottle, which is a pure representation of the millstone itself.


Juice Kitchen Istanbul

Design Firm roundabout, Istanbul; | Creative Team Zeynep Yıldırım, art director/ copywriter; Julia Carrozzini, copywriter | Client Juice Kitchen | Details The goal was to create a clean look for Juice Kitchen’s different juices that would motivate its clients.



Design Firm Clarence Lee Design & Associates LLC, Honolulu; | Creative Team Kuni Yamamoto, art director; Etsuko Ono, designer | Client Elementalist USA Inc. | Details Total branding identity for skincare product series born in Hawaii. Initially targeted toward the Japanese market and U.S. domestic market. Print

Athena (Student Work)

Students Marina Zertuche, Ana Lucía Valderrama | Instructor Teresa Treviño | School Universidad de Monterrey, Monterrey, Mexico; | Details The identity, packaging system and booklet are all designed for a set of olive products.


SHIZEN Indoor Gardening Set (Student Work)

Students In-young Bae,; Shang-lun Yang, | Instructor Alisa Zamir | School Pratt Institute, New York City; | Details While opening the packaging, consumers can see the blooming images. Each individual smaller pack also creates flower or plant shapes on the top when they are combined.


Pief Paf Poff ertje

Design Firm OVERHAUS Design Studio, Amsterdam; | Creative Team Wouter Overhaus, art director; Arjan Vriezen, Maurice Tiemessen, designers; Fibikemi Fabiyi, photographer | Client Pief Paf Poff ertje | Details Poff ertjes (mini pancakes) are a delicious and uniquely Dutch product, though they’re usually served only in corny traditional restaurants. OVERHAUS set out to create a brand that could provide a fresh new poff ertje experience.


Wayward Whiskey

Design Firm Chen Design Associates Inc., San Francisco; | Creative Team Joshua C. Chen, creative director; Jon Campbell, art director; Max Spector, art director/designer; Ryan Bosse, designer | Client Venus Spirits | Details The branding and packaging was inspired by the 1792–1794 whiskey rebellion. The result is both rustic and clean, nostalgic and contemporary.



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