Packaging Design: Rosé Deodorant? Yes Please.

It’s not officially summer until you’ve sat down for a Sunday brunch under an umbrella with something bubbly in your hand. To celebrate the summer solstice and offer a little something for those of us who might brunch a bit too hard, natural deodorant brand Native released a limited edition “brunch” box set that includes rosé, mimosa and sangria scents. Being the 20-something year old that I am, I had to know more. And it turns out, Native is not only a great alternative to the deodorant that I used every day, but it also has beautiful packaging.

Honestly, I’ve been getting tired of minimalist designs lately. But for Native the minimalist approach makes sense. Native is all about cleanliness and health awareness. In fact, if you place an order with them, you’ll receive a note card with their motto: “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”


The all caps sans serif logo on a white background is something that I’ve never seen used for a deodorant brand, and the simplicity would definitely stand out on any store shelf. Instead of looking for the name of your favorite scent, consumers just need to know the color to find their preferred fragrance. This could be an issue for colorblind buyers. Currently, Native is a subscription box service, so consumers will mostly be viewing the product online before purchasing.

I’m about to put my order in for the Brunch Box. What do you think about Native’s packaging? Tell us below or @HOWbrand.

packaging design


packaging design


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