9 Award-Winning Consumer Product Branding Examples

In the HOW In-House Design Awards, submissions are evaluated by business category to ensure that a broad range of design work is represented. That means, for example, that in-house design teams for universities are submitting work in the education category; creatives solving design problems for museums and churches submit work in the nonprofit category; and designers conquering tight creative deadlines for consumer companies find a perfect fit for their work in the consumer category.

There’s been some great work in that consumer category in particular in recent years, so here we’re celebrating a handful of our favorite product branding projects that took home an In-House Design Award. Check them out below, and enter your own team’s work by the early-bird deadline, May 7, to save money on your entry!

9 Award-Winning Consumer Product Branding Examples

1. BB-8™ App-Enabled Droid™


COMPANY/ORGANIZATION Sphero, Boulder, CO; www.sphero.com
CREATIVE TEAM Rory Overdorff, Hunter Clawson, Cary Marks, Kate Chouinard, Jen Vandermeer, Phillip Atencio, Kelly Nyland
DETAILS The team’s biggest challenge was staying true to the Star Wars line look while creating a premium and iconic packaging experience for a high-tech Droid verses a traditional action figure.

2. MXR Reverb Commercial

COMPANY/ORGANIZATION Dunlop, Benicia, CA; www.jimdunlop.com
CREATIVE TEAM Jimmy Dunlop, Joey Tosi, Graham Shaw, Max Baloian, Mick Waller, Justin Butler, James Deprato, Donavan Sell, Andrew Haney, Hunter Huston, Tandy Kyne, Matthew Recinos
DETAILS The biggest challenge was committing to an emotionally based story as a more compelling direction, instead of a standard talking head telling people what the product does.

3. PureCare Kids Youth Pillows

consumer product branding

COMPANY/ORGANIZATION PureCare, Fairfield, NJ; www.purecare.com
CREATIVE TEAM Kayla Melbye, Andi Carter, Sarah Bergman
DETAILS Each of the four PureCare Kids pillow boxes is designed to invite interaction with the brand and ignite imagination in the young users.

4. Ukulele String Packaging

consumer product branding

COMPANY/ORGANIZATION Dunlop, Benicia, CA; www.jimdunlop.com
CREATIVE TEAM Jimmy Dunlop, Joey Tosi, Graham Shaw, Justin Butler, Mick Waller, Fred Andres, Josh Bettenhausen
DETAILS The goal was to create a design that was at once refined, bold and fun, given that the ukulele consumer tends to be a young beginning guitarist. 

5. Woven French Linen Sheet Set


COMPANY/ORGANIZATION: Malouf, Logan, UT; www.maloufsleep.com
Houston Trueblood, Emily Bunnell
DETAILS: The challenge with these sheets was developing a unique way to package the quality French Linens that would allow consumers to experience the exceptional finish while maintaining the standalone packaged look of Malouf products. The team’s solution: a simplistic sewn-on label in a tie-closed, self-fabric bag with supporting stamp and hang tag, allowing them to communicate the timelessness of linen with the modern approach consumers expect of Malouf products.

6. PurePop Package Design

consumer product branding

COMPANY/ORGANIZATION: John Paul Mitchell Systems, Los Angeles
Sharyn Belkin Locke, Monica Schlaug, Tara Ennis, Kaveri Nair, Rob Marchisi
DETAILS: The goal was to create eye-catching packaging to stand out from the mass of competitor styling tools on the market. The result is PurePop: a collection of colorful, limited-edition styling tools for hairstylists and consumers. The products—visible through clear packaging—come to life with the use of minimal design and bold pops of color.

7. Fuzz Face Mini Packaging

consumer product branding

COMPANY/ORGANIZATION: Dunlop Manufacturing Inc., Benicia, CA; www.jimdunlop.com
Jimmy Dunlop, Joey Tosi, Graham Shaw, Justin Butler, Mick Waller
DETAILS: The packaging was designed to reference the original 1960s box designs but with a modern twist.

8. MGD for JCPenney

consumer product branding

COMPANY/ORGANIZATION: Michael Graves Design Group, Princeton, NJ; www.michaelgraves.com
Michael Graves, Donald Strum, Linda Kinsey, Nicole Ziegler, Dounia Tamri-Loeper, Julie Hetzel, Margo Koch
DETAILS: The objective was to design the logo, unique packaging line and social media campaign for the exclusive Michael Graves Design Collection at JCPenney.

9. The Svale Collection



COMPANY/ORGANIZATION: Skagen Denmark, Richardson, Texas
Dorothy Barnard, Patrick Conner, Tim Hale
The main objective was to develop a packaging system that compliments the jewelry design collaboration between Camilla Staerk & Helena Christensen + Skagen. It had to carry elements of the existing Skagen brand packaging while also setting it apart in an elevated way, ensuring that the aesthetic of the product carried through in the finished designs. The campaign sought to incorporate Danish creativity, the artistic heritage of Skagen, and the influence of the Summer swallows on the jewelry design.

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