11 Beautiful Projects for Packaging Design Inspiration

You have your copy of Print‘s latest Regional Design Annual, right? Surely I don’t have to remind you that it’s the design industry’s most well-respected and sought-after annual? In it, you’ll find 348 of the best American designs of the year, including the beautiful packaging designs you’ll see below:

11 Beautiful Projects for Packaging Design Inspiration

Bella Vita DVD Packaging

ITAL/C, Los Angeles; www.italic-studio.com: ITAL/C (creative direction/art direction/design/illustration), Jason Baffa, Nick LaVecchia (photographers); Jason Baffa Films (client)

Brooks Dry Cider

Brooks6-packaging-design-inspiration Brooks8-packaging-design-inspiration Brooks10-packaging-design-inspiration
Hall, Oakland, CA; www.toshhall.com: Tosh Hall (creative director/art director/designer/writer), Luke Dixon (illustrator), Mathew Coluccio, Andy Baron (photographers); Brooks Bennett (client)

Gershwin CD

Starbucks Global Creative Studio, Seattle; www.starbucks.com: Mike Peck, Jeffrey Fields (creative directors), Jon Cannell (art director), Dana Deininger (designer), Steven Stolder (writer); Starbucks Coffee Company (client)

Krave Jerky for Whole Foods, www.kravejerky.com


Hatch Design, San Francisco; www.hatchsf.com: Joel Templin, Katie Jain (creative directors/art directors), Will Ecke, Eszter Clark, Javier Garcia (designers), Sarah Remington (photographer), Lisa Pemrick (writer); Krave Jerky (client)

Swell Cold Brew Bottle

Caneso_SwellBottle_1-packaging-design-inspiration Caneso_SwellBottle_4-packaging-design-inspiration
pprwrk studio, Kapolei, HI; www.pprwrkstudio.com: Mark Caneso (creative director/art director/designer); Swell Cold Co-op (client)

Frisco City Grainworks Packaging System

friscocitygrainworks-print20153-packaging-design-inspiration friscocitygrainworks-print20157-packaging-design-inspiration

RBMM, Dallas; www.rbmm.com: Jeff Barfoot (creative director), Garrett Owen (art director/designer); Frisco City Grainworks (client)

Xylobags Packaging

70kft, Dallas; www.70kft.com: Stefan Reddick (creative director/designer), Michael Feavel (art director/designer); Xylobags (client)

Fest Cola Packaging

CPR and Partners, New Orleans; www.cprandpartners.com: David Caruso, Rocky Russo (creative directors/art directors/designers), Justin Bonura (creative director/writer); Fest
Cola (client)

Good People Brewing Company Can Design

GoodPeopleCans_2-packaging-design-inspiration GoodPeopleCans_1-packaging-design-inspiration
Lewis Communications, Birmingham, AL; www.lewiscommunications.com: Roy Burns (creative director/art director/designer), Andrew Thompson (art director/ designer); Good People Brewing Company (client)

Agave Dream

Hiebing, Madison, WI; www.hiebing.com: Sean Mullen (creative director), Barry Kalpinski (art director/designer), Sandy Geier (writer); Agave Dream (client)

Yokan Packaging


Yoko Nire Studio; www.yokonire.com: Yoko Nire (creative director/art director/designer), Jason Booher, Katarzyna Gruda (instructors); B.S. Network, Japan (client)

4 thoughts on “11 Beautiful Projects for Packaging Design Inspiration

  1. Mike H

    Very Nice Work displayed here. One comment though on the Bella Vita DVD package. Although, it too is an appealling design, somebody is going to be disappointed after this package is folded up and the inside graphics are upside down and the DVD falls out… (i.e. Eagles first album)

  2. DennyFletcher

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