A Closer Look at 3 of Today’s Logo Design Trends

HOW Logo Design AwardsThose of you who’ve been busy designing logos—has your work become more simplistic in nature lately? Are you building logos with geometric shapes as a primary ingredient? Or have you been placing textures, type and patterns inside circles to make the perfect mark?

It would be of no surprise, if you have done any of the above, given that we see these logo design trends reflected in recent data from Bill Gardner, logo designer, former Logo Design Awards judge and founder of LogoLounge, the leading resource for logo design trends. [Find LogoLounge 9 in MyDesignShop.]

In celebration of the HOW Logo Design Awards, we thought it’d be fun to take a look at some of these recent logo design trends alongside some award-winning logos that deploy these trends in both effective and inspiring ways. We hope you enjoy looking at what your peers are doing, picking up some inspiration and hearing what HOW + PRINT art director Adam Ladd has to say about these trends in action.

A Look at 3 Logo Design Trends Identified by LogoLounge

In his 2016 Logo Trends Report logo trends report, Gardner says:

“KISS is making a comeback.”

As in Keep It Simple, Stupid. He writes that designers are “rebelling against complexity” these days, and “simplicity is king once again.” One our favorite Logo Design Awards–winning entries that exhibits simplicity comes from William Raineri. Raineri leverages the power of simplicity to create a mark that is both striking and easily reproducible.

“Two simple and recognizable images are cleverly combined to create one memorable image,” says HOW + PRINT art director Ladd. “I like that any further details were left off the whale (keeping it simple) so that focus is given to the hole and flag, helping emphasize the concept.”

Logo Design Awards–winning entry that exhibits the logo design trend of simplicity, William Raineri

Raineri says that Campo d’Oglio is an innovative complex that condenses different golf-related aspects and offers a way of life inspired by its surroundings. He adds that “the name recalls the river near the complex,” and referring to the logo itself, notes that “it was [a] play on word[s]: in Italian language, “Capodoglio” is “sperm whale,” the big cetacean, [and the] image used to create the logo.


Another observation that Gardner makes in the trends report is as follows:

“Pure geometry is much more evident as foundation components in logos.”

Lately, it’s all about simplicity of shape, according to Gardner. As such, there’s been an increase in use of circles, which he says are more central to design than ever, in a particularly stripped-down motif.

Gardner says that because more and more designers are going the geometric route—and clearly, more and more companies and clients are one board with it—we might deduce that a simplistic logo in this day and age serves to represent a company “whose products or services are perhaps uncomplicated and speak for themselves.”

We saw this geometric trend turn up in Conduit Studio‘s logo design for Rockford Construction’s The Morton, a century-old building that’s been renovated into modern housing. The creative team—which included John O’Neill (art director), Kelly O’Hara and Ryan Mitchell (designers), Brighformat (printing), Jill DeVries and Dean VanDis (photography)—created a mark featuring simple, elegant and effective use of geometry.

“It’s doesn’t get much purer than a circle and square,” Ladd says. “These geometric forms are anchored together by positioning the first ‘O’ in the center, and the square stroke frames the rest of the wordmark evenly around.”

Logo Design Awards winning entry that utilizes the trend of geometric shapes

Conduit Studios says that the building needed a new logo to function as a nod to its history while at the same time feeling modern and current, with the goal of aging gracefully. “We kept the core logo and identity elegant and classic while also providing secondary marks and type applications that help the identity feel exciting, of the moment, and appeal to the young professional resident our client was hoping to attract,” the team says.



A third trend Gardner identifies in his 2016 Logo Trends Report is as follows:

“Icons or graphics nestled snuggly inside circles. Designers are playing with textures, type and pattern inside these neat little spheres.”

Among our Logo Design Awards winners, Phoenix The Creative Studio pulled this off very well with their logo and logo design variations for Tonik Agency, a public relations agency that has a newswire. The creative team—Louis Paquet (creative director) and Christopher Nicola (art director/designer)—developed logo variations for each subcategory of news for Blablabla (the name they gave the newswire).

“Visual interest and meaning are added to the simple holding sphere shape by executing within it a variety of lines and patterns,” Ladd says. “They’re different, but they hold together as a system because of the consistency of the sphere shape to house them all.”

Logo Design Awards winning entry that follows the logo design trend of playing with textures, type and pattern inside circles

Logo Design Awards winning entry that follows the logo design trend of playing with textures, type and pattern inside circles

Paquet and Nicola note that because the purpose of a newswire is to spread information to the media, they played on the “visual of diffusion.” They note:

“The logo represents the effect of water droplets (the news) and waves that they generate falling into the water. The ripples are the news displayed at large. With the same concept, we developed the visual thereafter for each news categories (sports, arts and culture, finance, entertainment, travel, business and politics).”



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