You’re a Waste of Time: Snark with Heart from Sagmeister & Walsh

We’re sorry if that headline offended, but don’t shoot the messenger. This rather blunt statement—you are a waste of time—comes straight from a brand new set of MOO cards designed by Sagmeister & Walsh. The project is part creative outlet, part pro-bono mission.

The design duo, who famously launched their collaboration with racy nude photos, aren’t afraid of controversy. But their creative card collection, called Halftone Satisfaction, tests your nerve for stepping outside of social norms.

SW cards_box

Each business-sized card contains a short message. They range from “Your eyes are lovely.” and “It’s a delight to be around someone who loves what they do.” to “Rude!” In all, the collection includes seven sets of seven different messages.

SW cards_eyes

You might try thinking of it as a creative social experiment. As Sagmeister says in a press release for the new cards, “It’s a test of what kind of person you are and what kind of people you meet … which cards would you give out and why?”

Get an in-person taste of the unique creative approach that marks Sagmeister & Walsh’s work. Jessica Walsh is a featured speaker at the HOW Design Conference in San Francisco, June 23-26. a0c10ec5eabd98f3fbcd7b2e6b79ed0a_6937-HDL-EB-300x250

While you ponder who to lift up or tear down, we’ll go ahead and fondle the cards themselves. Heavy stock gives weight to each message while the words reverse out of black in a simple sans serif font. The backs of the cards range from all white through black dots (in different sizes) to solid black. It’s a simple reinforcement of what’s on the front: The darker the message, the darker the back of the card.

But there’s a lighter side to all this, too, even if you do decide to hand someone a rather blunt little missive. 100% of proceeds from the cards, which sell for $34.99, go to New York’s Coalition for the Homeless. That’s because the collection is the latest from The Luxe Project by MOO, which teams up with talented designers to do good. Past Luxe participants include Michael Osborne, Sean Adams and Helen Friel, and the project has raised more than $20,000 for charity.

So now that we’re all working for a good cause, we want to know: Who are you dying to give a card to? Which card would you give? And are you brave enough to hand it over in person?

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