Creative Tarot Deck Predicts Your Future

Think you need to see the future to ensure success with upcoming creative endeavors? You’re in luck. The Tarot of Creativity deck by artist Aliyah Marr has been designed with your needs in mind. You can do actual tarot readings with the cards or simple select and examine one card and its concept per day.

Tarot of Creativity deck

The creative tarot deck is comprised of 78 cards, including 42 cards with whimsical drawings. Here’s the breakdown: 22 major arcana cards, 16 minor arcana or royalty cards and four aces, plus the 36 minor arcana that feature a single suit image and two words. The royal cards with surreal illustrations feature concepts like The Spark, Passion and Dominion. The major arcana includes traditional creativity keywords like imagination, insight and revelation.

Tarot of Creativity picture cards

Not sure how to use the clever cards to inspire graphic design genius? Marr suggests using the cards to assess and guide your creative process and mood:

No matter how you prefer to play with the cards, they were created help you gain perspective on your life and your creative process. The Tarot of Creativity is designed to talk directly to your higher self and to your subconscious. In effect, to both sides of your brain; and connects your subconscious and self-conscious to the guidance from your higher self or your super-conscious. As you play with this deck, the cards will subtly guide you to look at every situation from the highest possible perspective.

When this post was written, the Kickstarted campaign had 19 backers and 13 days to go. Although Marr already created and proofed the deck, she still needs a significant amount of funding to get the cards printed. So far, $890 of her $2,500 goal has been reached. The last day to get involved is December 1, and there are some pretty nice perks for those who donate a few bucks.

The Tarot of Creativity deck offers a view of your creative mood

If you’d rather not leave your creative future to chance, check out the Creative Tune-Up for Designers course from HOW Design University. The class promises to get designers inspired and ready to tackle the new year.