Creative Design from Dangerdust

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Artistically inclined vandals don’t take branding lightly. That’s why Dan Dusty and Dusty Dangero of Dangerdust, an anonymous duo freelancing out of Columbus, OH, spent weeks perfecting the creative design of their crest.

Creative Design from Anonymous Vandals

Dangerdust branding; creative design

Though the pair aspires to remain “an ambiguous entity,” their projects and process lack no degree of boldness, and they created an elaborate crest featuring their logo design with the intent to garner attention. After all, they’re known for sneaking into vacant classrooms at Columbus College of Art and Design and turning chalkboards into works of art.

“We wanted an outrageous, over-the-top crest that would compliment the hyperbolic nature of the name Dangerdust. We wanted it to exemplify the attention to detail we put in all our work,” the duo says.

If you expected their biggest challenge in designing the insignia to be dodging booby traps and escaping the law as their name implies, you’ll be surprised to learn what it really was: “Remembering to eat food,” the duo says. “And then remembering [to] not spill that food on the illustration.”

See Dangerdust in action in this video by Seth Radley, Alexa Sison and Mike Polk of The Making Company.


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