My Best Work: Debbie Millman Shares the NO MORE Project

The team involved in the NO MORE Project has worked to create a new visual symbol to express universal support for ending domestic violence and sexual assault in our society. The purpose of the symbol is to raise visibility, create awareness, encourage conversation and help break the social stigma surrounding domestic violence and sexual assault. It’s hoped that by accomplishing those goals, we will be taking the first steps toward a broader level of change and that the increased visibility and dialogue will contribute to changing social norms and, ultimately, to improved public policy.

No More Project by Debbie Millman/Sterling Brands


The symbol can be worn and displayed by both influencers and members of the public to express their commitment to this cause. It can also be used by the many organizations working in the field of domestic violence and sexual assault in their efforts to generate awareness, education, prevention and funding.

The concept of NO MORE reflects the overarching aspiration to create a society in which there is no more domestic violence or sexual assault. Like the peace sign, the yellow “support our troops” ribbon, the red AIDS ribbon or the pink breast cancer ribbon, our goal is to use this new symbol to help spark a national dialogue and move the issues of domestic violence and sexual assault higher on the public’s agenda.

The NO MORE Project has been spearheaded by a broad coalition of funders, advocacy and service organizations, and private-sector volunteers from the top ranks of leading corporations and media companies. The idea was born in December 2009 at a meeting of domestic violence and sexual abuse groups organized by several funders to discuss how to engage the broader public in our shared cause. The concern that participants were trying to address was that despite the progress that has been made on these issues over the past several decades, there continues to be a paramount need to connect with the broader public and make these issues more visible in the public domain.

Too often, domestic violence and sexual assault remain hidden in the shadows, riddled with shame and stigma for the victims. We hope to help eradicate that with our efforts.

The project NO MORE;
The firm Sterling Brands, New York City;
The team Christine Mau, Debbie Millman, art directors;
Kim Berlin, Stephen Dunphy, design directors; Simon Lince, creative director
The year 2011

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