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 Artwork & captions by Gina Angie, editor of The Dieline.

The Dieline features a curated selection of beautiful, innovative and inspiring package designs. I have always been very selective of the designs that we feature because they have to be special and they have to set the standard. The Dieline has featured over 5,000 projects, becoming the lexicon of the package design industry.

Week-after-week, we began to look closer. We began to pick up on the nuances and details of each package: the colors, the type, the shape, the style, the substrate and even the product itself. These nuances and details add up. We see new elements becoming trends, old trends coming back and existing trends that are tried and true.

We document the designs  and trends on and share them with the design community in the Trending column, in our new weekly e-newsletter: The Wrap. Now, each month, we are partnering with to present: Packaging Design Trending Now on The Dieline.

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See what’s trending now: Honey

top honey packaging from The Dieline

Bee Honey

bee honey packaging design

Flavored honey packaging by California designer, Erica Chan. We love the clever play with the honeycombs.

Lovely Honey

lovely honey packaging design

The identity uses a heart motif to reference both the name of the product and also the natural health benefits associated with honey. A limited color palette and hand drawn style helps create a simple, natural feel. The heart motif continues throughout across items such as secondary packaging and illustrations.

A Glowing Trend

packaging design that glows


heineken glowing bottle packaging design

Inspired by the dimly lighted night club atmosphere, the Black Light STR Bottle illuminate on cue under a blacklight to reveal a hidden graphic of stars and streaks. Made of aluminum, the bottle still retains beer under the optimal temperature without flaw.


trans-karoo packaging design

Glow in the Dark! Boer and Brit’s packaging for this specially crafted wine is as unique as the wine itself. A limited release—only 1500 bottles of each of the patriotic varietals—Pinotage and Chenin Blanc. These wines are crafted from fruit hand harvested from gnarled old bush vines in the Paardeberg and coaxed into the bottle by minimalist wine making techniques.

Window Shopper

packaging design with window cut-outs to show product

Bobble Jug

bobble jug packaging design

Great packaging needs to mirror the product’s design, so when the bobble jug launched, Safari Sundays created this minimalist structure that left room to display different filter colors while remaining easy to handle.


human engineering packaging design

Targeted towards children and adolescents, this packaging design has drawn upon the theme of ‘human engineering,’ reflected through the unification of structure and image for an eye‐catching and compelling retail solution.

Handrendered Type

packaging design featuring handlettering, handrendered type handmade typography

Sun Bites

sunbites packaging design

Sunbites had been entirely functional, generic and a bit ‘no fun’ – laboring their wholegrain credentials until they had lost all sense of being as tasty as they actually are. A big, bright sunburst Sunburst was injected, changing the focus of the messaging from ‘healthy balance’ to ‘YUMMY’ and introduced the idea that eating wholegrain could easily be a pleasure rather than a punishment. Sales increased 84%.

Au Yeah!

Au Yeah! packaging design

We love the homemade raw quality of this beer bottle label. Au yeah! is a Valencian beer with an American style, Dixie  inspiration, Texas beer hops and an authentic flavor. The mixture of cultures is shown with a touch of humor in the name, a unique graphic design and handmade typography.


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