Infographic Design and the Office Mousepad

Tired of mouse pads that just sit there, not filling you mind with tasty trivia nuggets?

So starts one of the most fun holiday-time gifts the HOW staff received this season. While I would normally insist that the delicate art of mouse pad design went out of fashion in the late ’90s, this mouse pad from design agency JDA Inc. brings a little something extra to the office cubicle.

Inforgraphic design calendar mousepad

Both an infographic design piece and a tear-away 2014 calendar, this mouse pad include facts about everything from iPhone unit sales to back-to-school shopping revenues. A combination of pie charts, bar graphs and fun facts, this mouse pad helps you stay sharp throughout the year. Think of all the people you’ll impress when you know the most popular Father’s Day gifts (sporting events, electronics…) or how many billions of gallons of beer are consumed globally in a single year (52.8).

Another perk is that the days and dates of each month are listed across the top. If you can’t fit that larger-than-life day calendar on your desk, this is an adequate substitute for quickly referencing which day of the week January 15 falls on (Wednesday). The best part, however, is that the mouse pad is a genius promotional piece. The infographic design and calendar aspects make readers want to engage with it. Each month, the pad acts as a fresh reminder of a clever company that wants your business.

two months on Inforgraphic design calendar mousepad

The mouse pad is the vision of JDA designer Mehrdad Haghighi, and art director Dean Kojima appears on the cover with the introduction copy listed at the top of this post, but the entire JDA staff helped design the calendar (see credits below). All of JDA’s infographic designs are posted on the company Pinterest page, and throughout the year, JDA will share the calendar pages on Facebook and Twitter. The mouse pad will also be a handout material at the CES trade show in Las Vegas January 7-10.

I caught up with Mr. Kojima to learn more about the process behind the design. Here’s what he had to say:

Every holiday season we like to create something fun and unique to giveaway to clients, friends, etc., and this concept definitely fit the bill. We decided that the content would stay retail focused but have some type of connection to consumer electronics—since that is our niche. All the designers were given the task of designing three month-specific infographics for the calendar. Each designer was credited in the bottom left corner of each page.

I was the art director on the project but one of our graphic designers, Mehrdad Haghighi, had come up with the concept. We all agreed that infographics were great tools that can relate to retail easily. With the added function of the calendar and mouse pad, we were excited to start designing. We had a great time and were glad to hear you enjoyed all the useful info!

Credits: David Jensen (creative director); Dean Kojima (art director); Stephanie Han, Joel Penos, Mehrdad Haghighi (designers)

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