Kickstarter for Design

If you’re starting to feel that the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter is getting a little, well, crowded, you’re in luck. Designers no longer have to compete with budding independent film directors, bands looking to produce albums and dance companies who want another season run. There’s now a Kickstarter for design.

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Enter CrowdyHouse, a crowdfunding platform created for designers who want to deliver their unique products to the masses. From hookahs to wall hooks, CrowdyHouse allows designers to showcase a product for funding and ordering. The platform claims to cut out the middle man so that funding goes directly to the designer who will develop and deliver the fully-funded project to the client. A minimum order helps keep production costs low. After all, the goal is to ensure fair pricing for the customer and fair profits for the designer.

Plaids from Winter in Holland studio

Plaids from Winter in Holland studio

Wall Hook by Tim Vinke is currently in production

Wall Hook by Tim Vinke is currently in production.

CrowdyHouse also puts creative freedom in the hands of designers, who own their work and ship the products without relying on another shop. Since only the funded and ordered projects get made, CrowdyHouse also promotes the elimination of overproduction and waste. For more information on the products and how CrowdyHouse works, visit the website.


Have you entered one of HOW’s design competitions lately? Like CrowdyHouse, these competitions are a great way to get your design work in front of the people who want to see it. The 2014 HOW Promotion Design Awards are coming up, so enter before it’s too late.