Multimedia Design at its Finest: 10 Award-Winning Projects

It’s always impressive when a design team pulls off a project in which multiple forms of media are blended into a single interactive masterpiece. Zulu Alpha Kilo’s parody site, which was recognized in the websites category of the HOW International Design Awards last year, comes to mind. They combined hilarious short videos, brilliant photography and interactive elements like a Super-Buzzword™ Generator into an unforgettable experience at one point comically referred to by fictional co-founder Frank Zulu as a “web thingy.” Multimedia design at its finest—and funniest.

Equally impressive is when a team creates a brand identity complete with assets that can be put to work effectively across a variety of applications, from business cards and brand books to websites and environmental graphics—all of which come together to ensure an overall impactful brand.

We’re forever inspired by the creatives behind projects like these. That’s why we’re spotlighting the teams below, who kicked butt when it came to developing a unified look and feel for their respective multimedia design projects—all of which have been recognized in the International Design Awards. (This year’s deadline is Monday 9/25 at 11:59pm EDT. Don’t miss it!)

10 Award-Winning Multimedia Design Projects

1. Work by Mucho for Frameline

multimedia design by Mucho multimedia design by Mucho


multimedia design by Mucho


Creative Team Rob Duncan, art director; Luke Robertson, designer/photographer; David Begler, copywriter

Project Details Frameline’s mission is to change the world through the power of queer cinema; the goal was to create an identity that really resonated with the idea of inclusivity.

2. Work by Hyperquake for Hobsons

multimedia design by Hyperquake multimedia design by Hyperquake multimedia design

Creative Team Dan Barczak, art director; Chris Mock, designer

Project Details Developed around the execution of gold foils and heavy cream papers, the firm built a palette of rich tones to represent a brand that partners with higher education institutions and carries itself with sophistication.

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3. Work by 12 points for RRG

multimedia design by 12 points multimedia design by 12 points multimedia design by 12 points multimedia design by 12 points multimedia design by 12 points multimedia design by 12 points


Creative Team Mikhail Puzakov, art director/designer/photographer; Oleg Vvedensky, art director/copywriter
Project Details 12 points was tasked with reinventing the visual identity of RRG while preserving its existing logo designed in-house.

4. Work by and for Publicis.Sapient


Creative Team Gaston Legorburu, chief creative strategist; Matthew Jacobson, executive vice president of design; James Alleman, associate creative director; Matt Keeler, senior art director; Jonathan Candelaria, art director; Allison Bistrong, creative director; Cindy Maria Jimenez, senior designer; Jordan Rivero, art director; Wailam Pan, design manager; and more

Project Details The Publicis.Sapient platform represents a new model within Publicis Groupe, which demands a visual identity that defines a culture of collaboration.

5. Work by ThoughtMatter for Vernon Gantry

multimedia design by ThoughtMatter

Creative Team Trenton Kenagy, art director; Mark DeRose, Steve Baust, designers; Gary Lupton, Johan Vipper, photographers; Dan Acasuso, copywriter; Caryn Nadler, brand strategist

Project Details The logo is influenced by local storefronts, hand-painted signs and window lettering. The firm pulled inspiration from the neighborhood surrounding the founder’s eyewear shop, avenue names, the urban texture of the area and the colorful personalities who fill the streets.

6. Work by SPARK for Vology


Creative Team Nate Carter, creative director; Gordon Weller, creative director/copywriter; Angus Shafer, designer; Patrick Guyer, editor/motion

Details The flexibility of this brand is unlike most found in the often restrictive world of technology branding.

7. Work by Noise13 for Lift Exercise

multimedia design by Noise13multimedia design by Noise13multimedia design by Noise13 multimedia design by Noise13 multimedia design by Noise13 multimedia design by Noise13

Creative Team Dava Guthmiller, art director; Christine Lee, art director/designer; Amanda Ortiz, Eva-Heidi Lindberg, designers; Creig Nakano, photographer; Stephanie Orma, copywriter; Kelly McGrane, project manager

Project Details The goal was to create an identity for this boutique fitness brand that would stand out in an oversaturated market.

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8. Work by Sussner Design Company for Franklin Press Inc.

multimedia design by Sussner Design Company multimedia design by Sussner Design Company


Creative Team Derek Sussner, art director; Tanya Naylor, designer; Emily Brownson, Ben Alpert, photographers; Jeff Mueller, copywriter

Project Details The firm was asked to rework the brand, with a firm nod to the family heritage of the business.

9. Work by Siegel+Gale for Andrews Property Group

multimedia design

Creative Team Lana Roulhac, design director

Project Details Facing an ever-changing marketplace, the client engaged Siegel+Gale to reframe its branding to capitalize on the contemporary real estate market.

10. Work by Test Monki for Huti’s 5 Free-Fire Grill

Creative Team Suzy Simmons, art director; Gabby Nguyen, Yiwen Lu, designers; B-Rad Photography, Bianca Zaragoza, photographers; Brad Petak, engagement architect

Project Details A successful restaurateur nurturing a concept to bring fresh, healthy food at an affordable price to The Woodlands, TX, wanted to create a high-energy brand that millennials could connect with and love.

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