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Part of staying inspired as a graphic designer is viewing amazing designs churned out from a design business, through the labors of freelance design, or from an in-house design group. Get the scoop on stellar projects, see images of the work, and get to know the designers behind these projects that are are creating waves in the design industry. Have a current project you want reviewed by an expert, veteran designer? Now you can with HOW’s Critique Services.

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Collaboration Tools and the Modern Design Agency

Editor’s Note: The following post is from Allegra Poggio, production director at Visceral, who describes the collaboration tools and process that helped the Visceral creative team in a recent web project. At Visceral, we’re in the business of designing for the web. Like many digital agencies, we’re constantly looking for ways to be more...


The Drink and Draw Blog

There’s always that one kid in college who claims to be smarter after a few drinks. In fact, I’ve heard some writers say that a glass of wine or two really gets the creative juices flowing. One person who can attest to this theory as a talented adult with his own business? Stephen Burdick,...


Sexy Product Design: Lovability Condoms

After a traumatic tampon-buying experience that involved an “orange-picking claw” and a store-wide audience, Tiffany Gaines was inspired to revamp another product many people need but hate to buy. Enter Gaines’ sexy product design for the Lovability Condoms. As a School of Visual Arts MFA Design for Social Innovation student, Gaines thought to change...


Website Design Success Helps Focus Brand

The best way to achieve website design success? Create an intuitive, user-friendly online experience that fits seamlessly with your brand. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? Well, according to Bernadette Rivero and Nathan Strandberg, the web design world is a bit of a jungle. Allow me to explain: Rivero, president of Cortez Brothers creative development...


Creative Tarot Deck Predicts Your Future

Think you need to see the future to ensure success with upcoming creative endeavors? You’re in luck. The Tarot of Creativity deck by artist Aliyah Marr has been designed with your needs in mind. You can do actual tarot readings with the cards or simple select and examine one card and its concept per...


Mourn the End of Breaking Bad with these Posters

Is “Breaking Bad” the best show ever? One person who thinks so is Ty Mattson of Mattson Creative. As a self-professed lover of “Dexter,” “Homeland” and “Lost,” Mattson contends that “Breaking Bad” snags the top spot on the Greatest Shows of All Time list. But instead of mourning the end of “Breaking Bad,” Mattson...


CoSign Cincy Leverages Design to Enhance Neighborhoods

Eleven business owners in a Cincinnati neighborhood unveil new signage, thanks to CoSign Cincy. The venture, chiefly funded by a grant opportunity, pairs artists, local business owners and professional fabricators to design and install new signage with a goal to help transform neighborhoods into commerce destinations.