Design Projects

Part of staying inspired as a graphic designer is viewing amazing designs churned out from a design business, through the labors of freelance design, or from an in-house design group. Get the scoop on stellar projects, see images of the work, and get to know the designers behind these projects that are are creating waves in the design industry. Have a current project you want reviewed by an expert, veteran designer? Now you can with HOW’s Critique Services.


Card Game Design: Creative Clash on Kickstarter

If your work day is anything like mine, it can often feel like you’re trapped in a never-ending game of Life. Projects come in late, contributors struggle to contact sources, the templates are inconsistent and the computer is running slower than molasses. Do not pass go! Do not collect $200! Thankfully, Ryan Martin and...


HOW Design Live Speaker Frank Baseman On Design Lessons

The older I get, and the longer I work in the graphic design profession, the more I come to realize that “plum jobs”—those projects that one can only dream about—don’t come around every day. This may seem very obvious, but the further one gets from design school—where at times the only creative restriction on...


Stefan G. Bucher’s Valentine’s Day Postcards

The Luxe Project by is back at it again, but this time, Valentine’s Day postcards get an illustrator’s touch. Stefan G. Bucher, the mastermind behind design studio 344 and The Daily Monster trademark, created a collection of postcards that takes a cellular look at love. This makes sense. After all, as Bucher notes:...

caribou packaging design

New Caribou Coffee Packaging

I admit it. As a former barista, I’m a sucker for coffee, cafes, french presses and even bean-related branding. And a well-designed package of coffee will get me every time. I get the feeling design and branding agency Colle + McVoy feels similarly about a good cup of joe. This is apparent from the...


Kickstarter for Design

If you’re starting to feel that the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter is getting a little, well, crowded, you’re in luck. Designers no longer have to compete with budding independent film directors, bands looking to produce albums and dance companies who want another season run. There’s now a Kickstarter for design. Enter CrowdyHouse, a crowdfunding platform...

US currency redesign by Casey Crisenbery

Creative Challenge: Redesign US Currency

If you think your latest design endeavor was difficult, consider one of the Letter Society‘s latest design-related challenges: Create a new look for US currency. With something as ubiquitous as dollars and cents, the members of the Letter Society had their work cut out for them. To find out more about the Letter Society,...