A Memorable Mark by //JÖKULÁ

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Brainstorming took place. Sketches were made. Then art director and designer Björgvin Pétur Sigurjónsson took the work to digital form and experimented with different concepts until finally a logo was born. All of this took roughly one month. A typical logo design process, perhaps, but one that resulted in an exceptional mark.

Advertising and design agency //JÖKULÁ created a logo for A – Z that is both bold and minimalistic, both smartly designed and distinctive. The team had one main goal going into the project: Because A – Z offers a wide range of services, from finance to marketing, the logo needed to have a neutral impact on viewers so that they would draw no assumptions from the design about the business’ offerings. (That information was to be communicated via other parts of the branding.)

Top Logo Design as Selected by the Judges—and You

Logo Design Awards judge Rodney Abbot, senior partner at Lippincott, chose the A – Z logo as one of 10 top projects in the competition. “I selected the A – Z logo because of its purity and simplicity,” Abbot says. “I appreciate the restrained use of the A – Z letters. Their arrangement achieves more than simply spelling the name—it creates an image that has significant meaning to the company.” [Check out Abbot’s top 5 tips for logo design.]

HOW readers who participated in the Reader’s Choice voting on HOWdesign.com agreed, and selected the A – Z logo as the Readers’ Choice winner.

logo design by //JÖKULÁ

Project: A – Z Logo
Firm: //JÖKULÁ, Reykjavik, Iceland
Creative Team: Björgvin Pétur Sigurjónsson (art director/designer),
Sigtryggur Arnthorsson (project manager)
Client: A – Z

A closer look at the mark reveals hidden meanings in the design: zig-zags representing trails that A – Z is prepared to traverse for its clients, and a river running from a mountain, which references Iceland, the client’s country of origin.

“The design doesn’t rely on the reader recognizing the visual allusions to be distinctive and memorable,” Abbot says. “It achieves that through the simple stacking of the letters, where the crossbar of the Z also functions as the hyphen. This is a bold design that has symbolic meaning but is not weighed down by context. A true example of an identity that has been designed to last.”

While Sigurjónsson says he’s most proud of the simplicity and balance they achieved in the design, he’s also “really proud of how the logo can be displayed on various platforms and still keep its simplicity and be uninterrupted.” Achieving this did not come without challenges: The team had to simplify the letters into a neutral composition so that they would work together, and they had to find the right color. They wanted the color to evoke a sense of trust and peace, while avoiding overused colors within the industry, and so they went with a fresh value of mint blue.

“We are very grateful for all the positive reactions to the logo,” Sigurjónsson says. “[It has] really helped our rather newly founded advertising and design agency to get established in Iceland.”


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