Sephora Press Kit Design Gets a Makeover

Fashion editors are a tough crowd. They’re constantly courted by glamorous luxury brands looking for coverage. So when Sephora wanted to grab the attention of this well-heeled crowd, the company teamed up with Hub Strategy to make a big impression.

And we mean that last part quite literally. The San Francisco agency worked with the beauty retailer to create over-sized 16×24-inch invitations to join VIB Rouge, an exclusive new membership tier within Sephora’s recently refreshed Beauty Insider loyalty program.

Sephora_ VIB ROUGE PRESS KIT_Open_650px

The creative press kit for Sephora’s loyalty program.

“The editors are literally being invited into this very special club,” says Peter Judd, creative director/director of design, about the press kit design. “So sending them this very special invitation is a fun idea.”

Just picture a gigantic black envelope with each editor’s name on the outside and a lux wax seal inviting you to break it open and explore what’s inside. Once you do, you’ll find a personal welcome letter from Sephora along with a range of exquisitely packaged gifts.

Sephora_ VIB ROUGE PRESS KIT_Solo_back_650px

A wax seal makes the piece feel special.

Each editor received a full-sized lipstick, Sephora-branded iPhone case and earbuds, and a set of limited edition signed prints. In lieu of a traditional press release, the package contained a flash drive shaped like a glossy black key that reinforces the idea of joining an exclusive club.

So how was all this SWAG received? Rather smashingly. A number of editors grouped their new goodies around their names on the outside of the envelopes before snapping a picture to share with social media followers.

But while those hand-written editor names were a big hit, they almost didn’t happen. “The hand calligraphy was the most difficult part of the process,” says Jen Hartford, senior designer. “I about threw in the towel and thought it was impossible.”

Sephora_ VIB ROUGE PRESS KIT_Closeup_Calligraphy_650px

Each editor’s name appeared on the outside.

Originally, Hub planned to have a calligrapher handwrite each name on the envelopes, but the team couldn’t find a paint that allowed the rouge color to pop. The solution: Scan the hand-written names into Photoshop and have them printed on the envelopes.

This entire project happened in just six weeks. But you’d never guess a fast turnaround time if one of these exquisite envelopes landed on your desk.

Ad Agency: Hub Strategy
Client: Sephora
Creative Director: Peter Judd
Senior Designer: Jen Hartford
Calligrapher: Barbara Callow
Printer: Calitho
Illustrator: Lovisa Burfitt

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