Sexy Product Design: Lovability Condoms

After a traumatic tampon-buying experience that involved an “orange-picking claw” and a store-wide audience, Tiffany Gaines was inspired to revamp another product many people need but hate to buy. Enter Gaines’ sexy product design for the Lovability Condoms.

Lovability Condom

As a School of Visual Arts MFA Design for Social Innovation student, Gaines thought to change the product packaging design, branding and marketing. Specifically, she made condom buying less intimidating for woman by modeling the packaging after high-end cosmetic products, which made purchasing the contraception method infinitely more discrete.

Lovability Condoms in stores

For anyone who’s watched a Trojan ad, it’s easy to understand why women might not feel comfortable purchasing condoms, despite being well-versed in the importance of safe sex. Gaines’ goal is to get women to connect with the product not only with packaging but also where the product is sold. Loveability Condoms are sold in lingerie stores, department stores and accessory boutiques, in addition to convenience stores. Here’s what Gaines had to say about her business endeavor:

We hope to de-stigmatize condoms by redesigning women’s relationship to them, and we hope to promote more honest and open communication about sex and safe sex. Lovability can be a catalyst in a social movement. Women can feel proud to not only purchase and carry condoms, but also to talk about the value and importance of them across cultures and generations.

For more information on the Lovability Condoms and where to find them, visit the product website. If you’re interested in designing some cool packaging that’s sure to be the talk of the town, check out Introduction to Package Design Strategy from My Design Shop. As part of our Black Friday sale, you get the download at a 50% discount, so don’t delay.