Tattoo Comic Panel: Patrick Yurick’s Very Personal Project

Some days it’s hard to be creative, but many artists develop projects to constantly keep themselves sharp or as a personal challenge. You may have seen images of Patrick Yurick‘s  project floating around lately, and he took the time to answer a few questions for us. Yurick, a lifelong fan and professional comic book artist, had comic book panels tattooed onto his arm. And, like many of you who’ve dedicated your life to your craft, he’s dedicated to filling in this panel with a new strip every day.

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He was also inspired to tattoo the panels onto his left arm (he’s right-handed) because he developed the after school program “High Tech High Graphic Novel Project” four years ago. In this program, he’s dedicated a lot of time to learn how to teach comic books with large groups.  He continues:

That’s really what the tattoo is, an activity sheet that I had tattooed on my forearm. Its a design prompt and one with constraints. It’s something I have become committed, as is the nature of tattoos, to working around it for the rest of my life.

I have to give credit to my wife though because without her it probably would’ve been the first tattoo I wanted to get: an onomatopoeia of Spider-Man’s ‘THWIP!’

Copyright: All rights reserved by theheadcomic

Copyright: All rights reserved by theheadcomic

For Yurick, he finds the daily prompt to have “an unlimited amount of possibilities to it” that can help him continue to practice his craft. He explains:

It forces me to look at the world a little differently every day and see possibilities in the mundane. Even as a simple graphic design – the blank tattoo represents, at the very least, a commitment to that idea. A commitment that, at this point, I can never escape. Well, unless I spend a lot more than a $50 groupon to get it removed.

What’s beautiful about the tattoo is that it is finished and unfinished at the same time. I like to imagine myself, 80 and wrinkled, drawing in a comic once everyday and chuckling to myself about how stupidly brilliant the whole thing is

In addition to his work at High Tech High as a art teacher, he’s created over 70 projects with students. He’s also forming “Making Comics,” which aims to teach visitors how to create a comic in “just about any circumstance.” This project will launch on January 1, so it’s worth hanging onto that url.

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And for those of you who need a bit of inspiration to take on your own creative endeavors, Yurick explains that the tattoo was “such a simply and good idea” and that he didn’t anticipate the amount of attention it has gotten. He created this project for himself and for himself to laugh at. Yurick advises, “Never forget to laugh at yourself – beautiful things can come from that place of carefree acceptance of the world.”


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