Mourn the End of Breaking Bad with these Posters

Is “Breaking Bad” the best show ever? One person who thinks so is Ty Mattson of Mattson Creative. As a self-professed lover of “Dexter,” “Homeland” and “Lost,” Mattson contends that “Breaking Bad” snags the top spot on the Greatest Shows of All Time list. But instead of mourning the end of “Breaking Bad,” Mattson channeled his creativity into a series of kick-ass posters to celebrate the show.

Walter White poster

The four prints are available for purchase on Mattson Creative’s website and at as official show swag. The posters illustrate the progression of Walter White to Mr. Lambert over the course of five seasons. You can purchase them at an 18-by-24-inch size or a set of three (green, blue and orange) at 11-by-14-inches. The prints went on sale on Sept. 24. Get yours before the end of “Breaking Bad” on Sunday, Sept. 29.

Heisenberg poster 1

Mr. Lambert poster

Heisenberg poster 2


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Lolita The Story of a Cover Girl