February 2012: Top 10 Websites for Designers

Each month, HOW editors peruse hundreds of websites to find the best of the best—the Top 10 Websites for Designers. In reviewing these websites, the editors are looking for exceptional design as well as functionality.

Check out this month’s Top 10 Websites for Designers below. Plus, click here to submit a website that you think should be included.

The Mischief Co.
Portfolio site for an up-and-coming design and merchandising studio themed around the idea of gentlemanly chaps, top hats, mustaches and quality work.

Mr. Bingo
This U.K.-based illustrator has a particular talent for drawing expressive mustaches and beards.

Tim Boelaars
Tim Boelaars is a designer and illustrator based in Amsterdam. His icon work is spectacular.

Drew Millward
Drew draws the old fashioned way with pen and ink. His style seems influenced by graffitti, tattoos and vinyl toys.

Illo Confidential
Illo Confidential is a collective of 18 award-winning illustrators sharing their latest work with art directors and their fellow artists.

The WAV – Working Artists Ventura – is a state-of-the-art community, designed for artists and creative businesses, and is located in the Downtown Cultural District of Ventura, California. WAV offers affordable living and work space for 82 artists from 21 countries, who are painters, sculptors, dancers, musicians, writers, actors, filmmakers and more.

Porridge Papers
Located in Lincoln, NE, Porridge Papers is a fine papermill and letterpress studio with a small retail store.

Handwritten Letters
Mary Kate McDevitt, an illustrator and hand-letterer living and working in Portland, OR, created the Handwritten Letters project to get herself in the habit of drawing letters and inspiring other people to do the same.

Own A Color
The average computer, smartphone and tablet can display 16.7 million colors so a small group of creatives teamed up to raise money for UNICEF by inviting people to own and name their very own colors for a donation as little as $2.

Zim and Zou
Lucie Thomas teamed up with Thibault Zimmermann to form Zim&Zou, a French studio based in Nancy that explores different fields including paper sculpture, installation, graphic design and illustration.


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