Top 10 Websites for Designers—Great Typography, Images, Motion

No April Fool’s jokes here—in this month’s “Top 10” websites for designers, you’ll find websites featuring great typography, images and motion that’ll grab your attention, plus a handful of sites offering design tips, tidbits and inspiration.

[If you enjoy this monthly roundup, you’ve likely gathered some inspiration from the featured websites. We feel compelled to mention that PRINT’s Regional Design Annual is another fantastic resource from which to draw inspiration. Not only that, but having your work featured in the industry’s most prestigious and well-respected American design competition would allow you to inspire others—tens of thousands of art directors, studios and creative professionals, in particular. We can’t help but mention, too, that today is the deadline!]

Great Typography, Images + More in This Month’s Top 10


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Design Facts

Learn some interesting tidbits of design facts in this simple, easy to navigate site.

Design Facts


Logo Archive

A gallery of classic, graphic logos presented in white on black. Updated regularly.

Logo Archive


Made for Mobile

Simple tips for greater typography in mobile user interfaces.

Made for Mobile



An app for organizing, sharing and using all your visual assets in one place.



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The final, best Early Bird Registration offer ends this Friday, April 1. You’ll still save up to $200 compared to onsite registration prices.


Sweet Magnolia Gelato

Whimsical illustrations and motion start to engage your senses.

Sweet Magnolia Gelato Co.


Piano Day

An unfolding of panels and sound grab your attention and make you want to interact.

Piano Day 2016


The National Poster Retrospecticus

A raw, bold presentation of poster design. [Want more poster design? Check out 73 award-winning poster designs.]

The National Poster Retrospecticus; great typography in web design


U.S. Air Force

A full screen video of exciting events and a simple tagline make an impact.

U.S. Air Force; great typography, images and motion in web design


KLM iFly 50

Serene images and movements all work together to invite you to explore more.

KLM iFly 50; great typography and images in web design


The Law of the Jungle

Attention-getting with a dramatic opening video and nice typography.

The Law of the Jungle; great typography in web design


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