November 2011: Top 10 Websites for Designers

Each month, HOW editors peruse hundreds of websites to find the best of the best—the Top 10 Websites for Designers. In reviewing these websites, the editors are looking for exceptional design as well as functionality.

Check out this month’s Top 10 Websites for Designers below. Plus, click here to submit a website that you think should be included.

Little Things Studio
Little Things Studio “is about the joy and beauty in the small and insignificant.”

Extendonomics: The Brand Extension Blog
Extendonomics is the blog of branding firm Parham|Santana, where you can find news, trends and best practices to help make your brand extension better.

Illustration Age
The ultimate source for what’s happening in the world of Illustration.

Make & Matter
Make & Matter is a small design shop in Austin, TX, with a lovely portfolio, heavy on gorgeous use of type.

Philip Obando
Philip Obando is a digital designer at NBC Universal who is responsible for the digital media produced for advertising and promotion of the network. His portfolio shows a wide array of design in different digital media: music, video, photography and web design.

Daniella Manini
Originally from Lima, Peru, illustrator Daniella Manini now works in California for Billabong. Her lush style speaks of her South American roots.

and atelier
And atelier is run by João Araújo and Rita Huet, two graphic designers from Portugal who founded this multidisciplinary studio in 2009.

Coffee Made Me Do It
Simon Ålander is a 23-year-old student studying digital media at Hyper Island in Karlskrona, Sweden. “Custom typography and branding is what really makes me happy and passionate.”

Andrew Lyons
Andrew Lyons is an English freelance illustrator based in Normandy, France. Things that inspire him include Tintin books, American poetry, the paintings of William Scott, Jazz and Folk music.

Matt Lehman Studio
Matt Lehman Studio is a one man design, illustration and art direction shop operated by, you guessed it, Matt Lehman.

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